Friday, September 19, 2008

Clash of the Tigers

It's finally that time. One of my favorite rivalries in the SEC is taking place tomorrow as my LSU Tigers take on the Auburn Tigers. Boomsooka!! It's the definition of a defensive game but I'm more than confident that LSU can pull it out. (That'swhatshesaid.) Sorry Mauri. LSU 21, Auburn 10. Yurp.

[Note: I also have UGA beating Arizona State and Florida beating the shit out of Tennessee today. SEC all day.


best friend (guess who!) said...

geaux lsu tigerrrrrs! fa shoo

Melati said...

OMG Samp... It was like my WORST shift ever to work at Taco Mac tonight... I was THE ONLY LSU fan in there.. And all my tables were going for Auburn..

At first I kept debating whether I should think about the tips that they'll give me at the end, or my pride and love for the LSU Tigers.. Then I thought... "Fuck Auburn!" Let's win this thing..

So I started talking shit.. End of first half time LSU down 3 - 14 (I said.. shit!! -- So I said to these tables.. "We're gonna make a big come back and score at least 21 on y'all.. Whether we win or not, I know we're at least gonna score that much..

And then BOOM BOOM BOOM.. You know what happened to the rest of the game... I was shouting like a crazy mug in there.. BY MY MOTHA F*Ckin SELF!! I didn't care...

So here's the end result.. I only made a total of 30 bucks from 4 of the tables.. But you know.. I really didn't give a shit.. Cause my LSU Tigers turned down that f*ckin upset against them.. So..

Whew.. I'm like writing a diary here LOL..

Geaux Tigers!!!!

Me --