Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Odd Trio: The Odd Future Sessions

This is insanely ill.

A trio of very talented musicians from Bad Bad Not Good has put together a collection of smooth jazz instrumentals of some Odd Future favorites. [Please excuse the use of the term "smooth jazz."] The thing is....the music is actually really good. I mean, I can enjoy the fact that it's Odd Future and also quite jazzy but I also think that my parents and co-workers would enjoy this too. I'm looking forward to what these guys put out next. Check out the first two editions with download links after the jump. I'm starting with Vol. 2 because I like it more. Sue me.

Vol. 2 - Untitled 63, Nightmare & Yonkers
Download: Vol. 2

Vol. 1 - Bastard, Orange Juice [Lemonade] & AssMilk
Download: Vol. 1

This is art.
Beautiful art.
What's next? An Odd Future x Odd Trio MTV Unplugged??
I guess we'll see.

Oh, and Nightmare was my hands-down favorite.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous: The Album & Thievery Corporation - Culture of Fear


Go cop.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Black Moon - Who Got Da Props [Video/MP3]


This is definitely one of my favorite songs from childhood. Hip-hop just hasn't been the same since the oringinal Rap City went off.
Black Moon - Who Got Da Props

Internet Randomness...

I'm on the computer too much.

But I just love the innanet.

American Apparel: Immeasurable Swag

American Apparel is usually only good for overpriced t-shirts, really skinny ties and apparently the occasional amazing advertisement. They got this 100% right.

Kudos, American Apparel.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

J. Cole - Work Out [MP3]

Aight, so here's the next single from J.Cole's upcoming album. It's called Work Out and samples a soundbyte from Kanye's Workout Plan and even a line from an old Paula Abdul song. With all that being said, I'm not completely sold on the dopeness of this track. I need more heat to get me hype about the album. [i.e. Big Sean] Oh well, still gotta post the new shit.

J. Cole - Work Out

I'm looking for THIS from J. Cole. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Big Sean - I Do It [Video]

Finally got some visuals from the 2nd single from Big Sean's debut Finally Famous due on June 28th. If the mixtapes and this video are signs of what to expect, this album is gonna be insane. Boiyee.

Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend [MP3]

The full version of Mama's Boyfriend, a song that Kanye premiered almost a year ago at the Facebook headquarters, has actually been released.

Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend

I wonder why he decided to leave this off of MBDTF. Either way, it's out now.

Intel Presents: Museum of Me

This is actually really ill. Intel has partnered with Facebook to create Museum of Me. It basically takes your Facebook profile and creates a virtual "museum" of yourself. It uses photos, friends and words and definitely works best if your profile is unlocked. I highly recommend you check this one out.

Sampson Exhibit
Word Wall

Yo, you gotta try this out.

[Note: Shouts to DoobyBrain for the heads up.]

10.DEEP Video Lookbook

New shit from 10.Deep. Can't lie about the dopeness.

I'm coppin somethin.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ESPN: 30 for 30 One-Day Sale

According to the ever-informative Bill Simmons, Amazon has agreed to run a one-day sale on the entire 30 for 30 Collectors Set for $59.00 if their Facebook page reaches 32,000 fans by June 13th.
I mean, that's way more than doable. Go "Like" the page on only takes a second and then we all can cop the box set for the low.

Sports Fans Everywhere

Inside Mark Jackson’s Job Interview

This is why Trey Kerby is the funniest NBA writer alive. I saw this last night on The Basketball Jones and it was far too funny not to share. We all know that Mark Jackson has recently been hired as the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. We also know that he has a number of sayings, some funny and some....not so funny. [Ex. "Are You Kidding Me?", "You're Better Than That.", "Mama there goes that man!", "Hand Down, Man Down."] Well, Trey basically wrote the play-by-play of how he imagined Mark Jackson's interview went. It's beyond perfect.

Joe Lacob, Warriors owner: Hi, Mark. We’re really glad you’re able to meet with us today.

Mark Jackson: Are you kidding me?

Jerry West, consultant: OK, so let’s get in to some Xs and Os. We’re kind of notorious for our poor defense. How would you change that?

MJ: Hand down, man down.

JL: Excuse me?

MJ: Hand down, man down.

JL: So … you’d tell the team to keep their hands down?

MJ: You’re better than that.

JW: You’d tell them to keep them up?

MJ: Mama, there goes that man. (points at West and winks)

JW: What?

MJ: Are you kidding me?

JW: No, I’m serious. What about my mama? (raises fist)

MJ: Calm down, palm down...

You can read this web gem in its entirety at

I would highly recommend it.

Oh yea, and this. [Thanks @fivefifths.]

Big Sean - Finally Famous [Tracklist]

I've pretty much been waiting for this upcoming effort from Big Sean since my man Deuce put me on Getcha Some way back in Spring 2007. I thought Sean was ill back then, but he's honestly done nothing but improve year after year. Check out the Tracklist for Sean's first solo album, Finally Famous:

1. Intro - (Produced by: Kevin Randolph, Key Wane)
2. I Do It - (Produced by: No I.D., The Legendary Traxster)
3. My Last feat. Chris Brown - (Produced by: No I.D.)
4. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me - (Produced by: No I.D.)
5. Wait For Me feat. Lupe Fiasco - (Produced by: No I.D. & Exile)
6. Marvin & Chardonnay feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash - (Produced by: Pop Wansel & Mike Dean)
7. Dance (A$$) - (Produced by: Da Internz)
8. Get It (DT) feat. Pharrell - (Produced by: The Neptunes)
9. Memories (Part II) feat. John Legend - (Produced by: No I.D.)
10. High f/ Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang - (Produced by: Xaphoon Jones)
11. Live This Life feat. The Dream - (Produced by: No I.D.)
12. So Much More - (Produced by: No I.D.)
13. What Goes Around (Bonus Track) - (Produced by: No I.D.)
14. Celebrity feat. Dwele (Bonus Track) - (Produced by: Filthy Rockwell, No I.D.)
15. My House (Bonus Track) - (Produced by: Boi-1da)
16. 100 Keys feat. Rick Ross & Pusha T (Bonus Track) - (Produced by: Hilton and Brian Wright (WrighTrax)

Three things stick out to me: No production from Kanye (surprising), four bonus tracks that look absolutely amazing and also the presence of my man Duece from WrighTrax. If you haven't heard of him, check him out. One of my classmates from Morehouse, obviously making moves in the industry. Keep your eyes on him.

Finally Famous, June 28th.

A.ware - Lady Heroin [Album]

Any blogger can tell you that it's pretty easy to fall behind in your posts. Throw in a full-time job, frequently tearing up DC basketball courts and a rager lifestyle during the weekends and you get the idea. I did, however, need to make it back to get the word out about my boy A.Ware's most recent project, is Lady Heroin. It dropped yesterday and it's really sick. A.Ware and the team at Greedmont Park have been doing some pretty ill things as of late. Listen or Download Lady Heroin here.

Favorite Tracks:
-Money on the Flo

I mean, just check it out.