Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful Swear Words

Call me ignorant, call me immature, call me whatever but I'm a strong proponent of the idea that curse words can make just about anything funnier.

If you agree, [which you should] then you'll be just as happy as I was when I found the website I mean, it's not much. It's basically just a collection of illustrations of swear words presented elegantly enough to be embroidered on your grandmother's favorite pillow or even worn on your favorite t-shirt.

Go ahead, pick your favorite.

I'm going with either the red and yellow "Shiiit" or the black and white "Bullshit."
But that was an easy decision.

Stay classy, awr.

1 Speech, 24 Voices [Video]

This is quite impressive.

Jim Meskimen, you probably remember him best from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as both Werner and Professor Mansfield, has released a video of him reciting Clarence's speech from William Shakespeare's Richard III while impersonating 24 different celebrities. I mean, everyone from Christopher Walken to Barack Obama to Robert De Niro. Check it out:
That Morgan Freeman is pretty spot-on at the 2:20 mark.

Well done, Werner.

Tom Haverford [Aziz Ansari] Food Nicknames Generator

Ever since seeing Aziz Ansari on Human Giant and catching his Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening stand-up, I've been an insanely huge fan. His character on Parks & Recreation, Tom Haverford, is pretty much Parks & Rec's version of Dwight from The Office. One of the best scenes with him was him listing his nicknames for foods. Observe:

Of course, there's a website for this and only this. is just a food nickname generator that works at the click of a mouse. Early favorites are below. Check it out for yourself though.

Yea, definitely worth about 5 minutes of internet time.

And for the record, that's one hour.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unreleased Music: Dipset Midwest feat. Samp & Dre Troy - Do Your Thing [MP3]

I really shouldn't be doing this but after tweeting with Jinx and Austin earlier today, I refuse to let the Dipset Midwest movement die without a fight.

Just for the record: This was never supposed to be released.

I'm bringing back Dipset least for the time being. Back in school, my friends and I would oftentimes spend late nights chugging Bud Lights and freestyling over our favorite Dipset beats. With me being from Illinois and my boy Dre being from Ohio, naturally we called ourselves Dipset Midwest. Check out one of my favorite joints we did over Cam'ron's Do Your Thing beat.

Dipset Midwest feat. Samp and Dre Troy - Do Your Thing

Classic terribleness.
But give me some credit, for a drunken freestlye, we're not that bad.

Making the Dipset Midwest mixtape was without a doubt one of my best memories from college.

Don't judge me.

And shouts to Dre Troy, Young King, Mezzo and Fing Dollaz. Unh.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jay-Z x Kanye West - Watch the Throne Mini-Documentary

I've already watched this three times. Guess I should've posted this a few days ago. My bad. Highlight of the video: The track with the Russell Crowe line. EGHCK.

August 8th release date????
Let's hope so.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rosario. Dawson. Damn.


...nothing's changed since the last time. Obviously.

I just hope I don't start buying Shape magazine.

And thanks to H_Barca for the gif inspiration.

Eli Porter's People's Champion: Behind The Battle Documentary [Video]

We all know about Eli Porter but until now, we haven't gotten the behind the scenes story. Well thanks to Walker Warren & Trent Babbington, here's the truth behind the Eli Porter story. Surprisingly, it's 35 minutes very well spent. The actual battle rap video is broken up throughout the documentary, but you can check it in its entirety here.

Best quote from the video: "Y'know, I didn't tuck my fuckin shirt in. [9:26]

They even discussed cuddling, the half-tuck, Envy's Boosie fade, "dent on da grill" and gay parades in full detail.

And shouts to my man Modi for making a solid contribution.

Well done, fellas. You deed it.

[Note: I'm pretty sure like three of the guys being interviewed were in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta during his interview. Hands down best part of Atlanta. Swag.]

Pusha T x Tyler, the Creator - Trouble On My Mind [Video]

So, it's finally here. Pictures for Trouble On My Mind have been out for a few weeks and the video definitely lived up to the hype. Check out the video from Pusha-T and Tyler, the Creator, the most unlikely duo since....I don't know. Somebody else that nobody else thought of before it happened. Shouts to my man Jinx, DECON and the Director, Jason Goldwatch.


...they fucked that hotel room WAYYY up.

Jay-Z x Kanye West - Otis [MP3]

...I invented swag, poppin bottles, puttin supermodels in the cab..."

I reeeeeally like this new joint off of Watch the Throne. The mixture of angry Jay, arrogant Ye and soulful samples....this is what I've been expecting since I heard about the album. I'm about a day late in posting this but when it comes to music like this, late is definitely better than never.

Jay-Z x Kanye West feat. Otis Redding - Otis


I guess this will hold us over for awhile until we remember that we still don't have a concrete release date.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ratatat - Neckbrace [Video]

Aight a new video from Ratatat. It's not exactly new per se but I'm just now getting around to posting it. It's kinda weird but rockin nonetheless. At least it's nowhere near as weird as the video for Drugs. Check it out:

Man, it's about time for some LP5 type shit.

Q-Tip x Kanye West - Award Tour [Live]

So apparently Q-Tip thought it would be a good idea to bring out the ever-dope Kanye West out for his recent performance of Award Tour at this year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. I agree. Just check for yourself:

Classic ass performance.

Happy Belated Birthday, Penny Hardaway

I'm lowkey upset that yesterday I missed the 40th birthday of one of my favorite basketball players of all time, Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway. Honestly, Penny might have missed the mark in terms of all-time greatness due to injuries, but he could have quite possibly the second best signature shoe series in basketball history. [Behind Jordan, of course.]

And that, my friends, is quite an accomplishment.
Happy Belated, Penny.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lissie - Pursuit of Happiness [Kid Cudi Cover] [Video]

So I'm very extremely new to Lissie but I'm already a huge fan of hers mainly for three reasons:
  1. She's from Illinois
  2. She chugs tequila like a champ
  3. And she performed an amazing cover of Pursuit of Happiness at a show last year.

Not sure how I missed this for an entire year but I'm sold nonetheless. I mean, the cover was so dope that some considered it the top cover of 2010.
Check it out:

Guess I have some research to do.

Theophilus London - Why Even Try (RAC Remix) [MP3]

Aight so I'm pretty sure that I first heard about Theophilus London from my girl Jai a couple years back. She was either tweeting, on Facebook or something but regardless, he was dope. With his debut album dropping next week and me scouring the internet trying to find more of his music, I came across a remix for one of my favorites from him called Why Even Try. Oh yea, and it was remixed by none other than the dopeness that's known as the Remix Artist Collective. Oh man.
Theophilus London - Why Even Try (RAC Remix)

Don't sleep on the original either.

33 Ways to Stay Creative

Man, I'm printing this out now.


Every single one of these is great advice.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pusha T x Tyler, the Creator - Trouble On My Mind [MP3]



After about two or three weeks of anticipation, the first official collab between Pusha-T and Tyler, the Creator has been released. My man Jinx hooked me up with a link for Trouble On My Mind yesterday afternoon and it clearly made my weekend. All of this came from this photo from the My God video shoot surfacing months ago. Check it out....if you haven't heard it by now.

Pusha-T & Tyler, the Creator - Trouble On My Mind

Oh yea, and flicks from the upcoming video look insane.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

MellowHype - BlackenedWhite Trailer

I missed a lot this past week. Vegas was dope as hell...but that's an entirely different post. Getting back into music, MellowHype will be re-releasing their album BlackenedWhite next Tuesday. To hold us over in the meantime, check out the recently-released trailer:

Looking at the tracklist, I'm just kinda blown that this version won't have Chordaroy, Hell and Loco [and 3 others] which were my favorites on the original. Oh well.

Frank Ocean - Dream Killa [MP3]

New joint from Frank Ocean. I'm pretty sure that this is just another track to keep us patient in between video releases and the actual album dropping. Not mad at that.

Frank Ocean - Dream Killa

Jay-Z x Kanye West - Watch the Throne Pre-Order


I couldn't be more hype for this.

Although it was originally rumored that Watch the Throne, the collab album from Jay-Z and Kanye West, would be released on July 4th, the holiday came and went without the much-anticipated CD. Listeners can, however, pre-order the album [which has an amazing cover btw] on the site

I'm still on the fence about pre-ordering, but damn it I'm close.

I know when it does actually come out, I'll be at Best Buy bright and early like:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Next Person I See Planking.... getting one of these.


Stop it.