Monday, March 30, 2009

You Know What?? Scratch That. The Bracket Lives. Oww./Burbage Must Pay.

So apparently my bracket isn't exactly T'd. Once my champion, Pitt, let me down against Villanova, I was thinking that I needed Louisville to win the Tournament. But THEN, Michigan State knocked them out. After this, I just assumed that I was out of the money and I went straight into anti-UNC mode. But then my roommate let me know that I was still on track to win the joint. What happened was that during the first few rounds of the Tourney I was able to gain enough points that even now that I only have two of my Final 4 teams remaining, and no more points coming in, I'm still gonna win the bracket. So Burbage, yeah YOU Burbage, you know what that means....GIMME THE LOOT, GIMME THE LOOT!!

Also, two other College Basketball stories that caught my attention:
  • Alabama hired former Virginia Commonwealth coach, Anthony Grant, to be their new head basketball coach. He is the first African-American to coach basketball at the University of Alabama. And not only that, he's a really good coach. LSU and Bama both have black head coaches. Why did it take so long?? Georgia might be next...
  • UGA's Athletic Director has expressed interest in having Missouri's current head coach, Mike Anderson hold the same position. They haven't officially offered him the job, but it is reported to be at about 2 mil a year if he signs. Owww.
  • John Calipari, is a contract-signing away from becoming the head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky. The coach had a meeting with his players earlier this week in which he called Kentucky the "Notre Dame of College Basketball" and as a result, it's looking like he'll be accepting an 8-year, $35 million. Thirty-Five MILLION. He will become the highest paid coach in college basketball if he accepts. I assume he's going to accept.

[Note: And since Burbage is STILL talking about his Tar Heels and STILL annoying me by every thing he does/says, I thought I'd post one of his Spring Break 09 photos. Hope he doesn't mind.]

Yo Burbage...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My bracket is officially fucked T'd.

Thanks a lot Pitt...Nova...whatever.

Go Louisville. Death to UNC.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet 16 Preview [Part 2]/Wale x UCB Concert @ The Loft

Yesterday's picks didn't really go to well for me.
Duke had no answer for Nova's guards and couldn't make a shot into the ocean. [Seriously.] The Blue Devils
shot fucking horrendous from the field. And even worse, the same three point shooting that got them to this point really let them down as they only shot 5-27 from behind the arch. Nova balled, Duke didn't.

Oh Memphis. Damn. Purdue tho???

I'm still shocked over this one because it felt like an easy pick. The defense for Memphis just didn't show up. They gave up 100 points for the first time in the John Calipari era. The first time...and in a game of this magnitude. Tyreke Evans balled like I thought he would [33 points] but he didn't get much help. Oh well. Hope you don't have them winning it all. Because then you lose.

Now onto the second half of the Sweet 16:
  • Game 1: Arizona (12) vs. Louisville (1), 7:07 pm
This one is pretty easy to predict. Louisville is the #1 overall seed for a reason. Terrance Williams balls and he is about to go off tonight. I think if they still had Jerryd Bayless they would have a shot. But they don't. Sorry 'Zona.

Game 2: Syracuse (3) vs. Oklahoma (2), 7:27 pm
I'm gonna have to go with 'Cuse on this one. I have this on my bracket and I'm sticking by it. Jonny Flynn is going to show Willie Warren how to be a premiere college point guard. Ow. Devendorf and Rautins are gonna knock down every shot they see. Blake Griffin's gonna get his insane numbers but I'm not sure his supporting cast will really step up against this tough-minded Syracuse team.
  • Game 3: Kansas (3) vs. Michigan State (2), 9:37 pm
I'm going with my man (nh) from back home, Sherron Collins and the returning Champs on this one. Michigan State doesn't have the firepower in my opinion, even though they have some pretty tough defense. Fuggg it.
  • Game 4: Gonzaga (4) vs. North Carolina (1)
Another easy one to call. UNC is really about to blow out Gonzaga out with this one. I know Lawson is about to show that his second half against my Tigers was not a fluke. And who, exactly, does Gonzaga think is about to hold Tyler Hansbrough? Danny Green?? Wanye Ellington???? Come on Bulldogs. Carolina by 10+.

I'm thinking that might picks for tonight are more secure than last night's. I'm goin 4-0 tonight. Ow.

Oh yeah, and Wale x UCB Concert tonight at the Loft. Owwwwww.

Too bad I won't be seeing any of these games, or the Wale joint because I'm hitting up with Hawks/Celtics game tonight with Wonderboy and the boys. Watch out.

[Note: And it's so f'ing messed up that Kentucky fired Billy Gillespie after just two years. It's damn near impossible to turn a program around in two years with limited scholarships. That's part of the reason what the Devil Nick Saban did in Alabama so special. You gotta be reasonable.]

And just so you know, don't challenge me in a Bracket. Because:


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet 16 Preview/Fusion x N.E.R.D. Concert @ Emory. Oww.

Even though my bracket hasn't been perfect thus far, I'm still at the top of almost all of my Bracket Leaderboards and 14 of my Sweet 16 are left. Ow.


Anyway, here's how I see the first half of this round turning out:
  • Game 1: UConn (1) vs. Purdue (5)
It's gotta be UConn. I'm surprised that Purdue has even made it this far. Jeff Adrien is about to go wild, A.J. Price will continue to show why he's one of the oldest best guards in the country and Thabeet is about to erase about 10 shots. This one might get ugly early. Uh oh.
  • Game 2: Xavier (4) vs. Pittsburgh (1)
I have Pitt as my National Champ, so of course I'm going with them. Part of the reason is that like Purdue, I think Xavier has overachieved a little bit this year. It's gonna catch up with them this game. The triple-headed monster of Blair, Young and Fields will be way too much for any one on Xavier's squad to handle. Can anyone name three players on Xavier's squad anyway...??
  • Game 3: Missouri (3) vs. Memphis (2)
This one wasn't as easy to call. Oh wait, yeah it was. Memphis is about to run, run and then they might run against Mizzou. They got athletes like Diddy got fresh shoes. Dozier is a beast in the paint and freshman guard Tyreke Evans has lived up to the hype. Should be a big win. And imagine if they still had D.Rose...[Yikes!!]
  • Game 4: Villanova (3) vs. Duke (2)
I had to actually think about this one because I had Duke losing to Texas last round. I guess I'll go with....Duke. The main two reasons for this are Gerald Henderson and Coach K. Henderson's been pretty Kobe-esque these last three or four weeks and this should continue. He pretty much put Duke on his back and took out a pretty good Texas team. Don't let me down Gerald...or else...

...or else I might not win the bracket.

Too bad I won't be home to watch these joints. Fusion x N.E.R.D. concert tonight at Emory and after party @ Famous Bar. Come show support. Plus, Fusion AND N.E.R.D. for $25?? Dope.

Monday, March 23, 2009

[Quadruple] Music of the Moment - March 24, 2009

It's been awhile since I posted a Music of the Moment, so I figured I'd post the first ever, Double QUADRUPLE Music of the Moment.

The Virgins have quickly become one of my favorite bands. I first saw them last year when they opened for the Black Kids, along with the Magic Wands. Since then, I've bought their CD, seen them again live at the Drunken Unicorn (as the headliner) and they've had their entire discography featured on the series Gossip Girl. It's been a pretty good 12 months for the New York-based band. It was really hard (nh) for me to pick only four of my favorite songs from them so I picked two videos and two songs. [I cheated.] Peep the videos for Rich Girls and Private Affair as well as the songs Fernando Pando and Hey Hey Girl.
Rich Girls

Private Affair

***Bonus: [Note: I couldn't leave out the Virgins' latest video for Teen Lovers and the song Radio Christiane. Fuuuuug it. Ow.]

That's a lot of music.

The First Week of March Madness. Oww.

So everything hasn't gone according to plan with my bracket.

  • Wake T'd me. I definitely had them going to the Sweet 16.
  • Duke actually decided to play against Texas which kills hurts my Elite 8. Oh well.
  • Pitt looked far from beastly in their game against Oklahoma State. Wtf. The only constants were Sam Young dropping 32 and DeJaun Blair's double-double. At least they should smash Xavier on Thursday.
But the one thing that went well was that my Tigers fought til the end against UNC. We started the game off straight but at the end, the bench for North Carolina was just too much. With eight minutes left, the game was tied at 63 but LSU couldn't withstand the 11-0 run by the Tar Heels. All-in-all, good season, boys: SEC Champs, Conference Player and Coach of the Year and a strong showing in the tourney. And I don't care what anyone says, Marcus Thornton should will be a frirst rounder. He gets buckets. And Trent Johnson might look like an ostrich but he really is a great coach.

Three hottest teams right now have to be UConn, 'Cuse and yeah, Duke. Big wins in the last round should give them momentum heading into and through the Sweet 16.

Oh yeah, and USC got beat by Michigan State yesterday. Did anybody peep Lil Romeo on the bench looking concerned towards the end of the game?? Classic.
^ Concerned. ^

Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness Is Upon Us...Finally

PhotobucketA lot happened during my hiatus for Spring Break 09...mostly a lot of boring ass preseason baseball, Kobe/Lebron/D.Wade playing insane basketball, the epic SIX overtime game between Syracuse and UConn  and the launching of March Madness. F'ing right.

I've been waiting since the end of College Football for March Madness and it's finally here. The best thing about this year is that with no team being able to maintain the #1 ranking during the season, there's no real team that's head-and-shoulders better than everyone else. Here's my short version of my bracket, starting with my Agreements, Disagreements, Surprises and Sleepers:

  • The #1 Seeds: I had North Carolina, Louisville and UConn in my Final Four since the beginning of the year so I had to agree with them getting the top spots. My fourth team, Oklahoma got the 2-seed in the South so I'm not too mad.
  • I was glad to see that my man Jonny Flynn and 'Cuse got rewarded for their heroic performance in the Big East Tourney by being given the 3-seed in the South. They should be  smooth sailing until the third round against Oklahoma...
  • Kansas got the smooth 3-seed in the Midwest despite falling to Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament. They should make it all the way to the Elite 8 against Louisville.
  • Cornbread? Ain't nutin wrong with that. (1:29)
  • HOW does LSU get the 8-seed and have to play BUTLER?? I thought that our dominance in the SEC would have been enough to get a more manageable 6- or 7-seed but we get the dreaded 8/9 match up. I was watching the Selection Show mad like:
     But hey, at least it's not a 5/12....
  • I don't think Arizona should have made it this year. I'm a Jarryd Bayless fan but he's gone and so is Lute. Finishing the year unranked with a 19-13 record doesn't really scream "NCAA Tournament." It seems like they got in off of past seasons' performances and took a spot away from another deserving team. But that happens every year.
  • How can you leave out St. Mary's?? The lack of a tough conference schedule isn't really their fault. A 20-6 record (with 3 of the L's coming from Gonzaga) should have been enough to get them in the Big Dance. 
  • North Dakota State. After their performance, I'm not surprised they were chosen, just surprised they were able to do it. This was their first year of NCAA Tournament eligibility and they were able to grab a spot. Impressive. Especially when a school like Northwestern has never made the Tourney....even in 71 tries.
  • And finally, I don't really agree/disagree about Penn State not making the Tournament, I'm just surprised. The Big 10 was shockingly good this year which made success for all of the teams impossible. 
  • VCU: Eric Maynor is a beast and he's done this before, 
  • Siena: a fast, running team, comparable to the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, and 
  • LSU: Gotta go with the Tigers...even though they would have the Tar Heels in round two. Oh well, the season was fun while it lasted.
Basically, this year's Tourney is wide open and it should be one of the most enjoyable in recent memory. And when your team loses, I don't want to hear anything. Just stfu. S-T-F-U!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

SB '09: Owww

The time is finally here.
Spring Break 09.

I'm sure that this year will be another week full of drunkenness, debauchery and boomsooka on South Beach. Have fun, be safe and I want stories when we get back. Oww.

And remember, it's not Spring Break unless you look back and have some moment that make you do this:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Music of the Moment

asamp was right



asamp was right


asamp was right

Terrell Owens Released by the Cowboys


Cowboys Fans:
u mad.

That is all.

[Note: Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the Cowboys. Just most Cowboy fans. Ye diiiig.]