Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Mess With Eminem, Exhibit 1...

I haven't posted anything for awhile, but I have some reasons. I'll explain those later. When I heard Eminem's diss record to Mariah Carey today, I knew this was more than blog-worthy. He pulls no punches with this one. Murder/Death/Kill.
[Note: I actually hope Mariah and/or Nick try to retailate...I'm tryin to see the PICTURES hahaha]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[Triple] Music of the Moment - July 14, 2009

I heard about the band Matt and Kim back at the end of 2008 but I kind of slept on them until recently when I realized that it was their song Daylight being played in the background of the new Bacardi commercial. [Note: Commercial can be found here. I'm sure you've seen it.] Anyway, I decided to buy their latest CD Grand yesterday and it's pretty dope. They also have some really dope and creative videos. Check out three of my favorite videos from Matt and Kim:

Yeah Yeah

And my favorite, Lessons Learned [Watch this one til the end.]
We don't get many videos like this these days. Matt and Kim ftw

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Hit Me!! Don't Hit Me!!

No real reason to post this other than it's funny as hell. This dude Michael Blackson still has me dyin...even nine years later. "And I don't have no damn cover, kiss my ass. So what?" The funniest part is probably 1:04 and he's not even on-screen. I know you remember this shit.
For some reason, this reminds me of this.
And this.
Definitely no disrespect to Africans. This shit is just funny.

Friday, July 10, 2009

[Throwback] Music of the Moment - July 10, 2009

I don't have much time for this post soooo...this song pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about tonight. I know I'm not the only one who still likes this song. Come onnnnn.
Time to get Chinese. (-_-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funniest Shit on Twitter, Pt. 2...

I got such a good response to the first Funny Shit on Twitter post, I had to do a follow-up. If you're not on Twitter, you're buggin. If you're already on Twitter, but not following these people, you might want to go ahead and get on that.

@icecoldlady: @enjoi247 if he can grow back those locks today then I demand you to tingle his loins. Otherwise tell him to go to hell!!!

@Pbbt: @ icecoldlady lol did u just say "tingle his loins"?

@jinxington: NY bums got the toughest sneakers

@crunkpopeye: cuddle panda in the houseeee

@kevolution: F Madoff! He deserves every second in that cell. Karma is a bitch! (no diss to Luda's daughter)

@ __Shep__: Drake is performing as Wheelchair Jimmy [@ BET Awards. Not to mention, the girls were a combined age of about 17.]

@Mr_Ferg: US [Soccer] giving up the drawers like Kisha a la Hot Boyz circa '99

@BLAW808: @the_asamp He [Gerald Henderson] gone have more time to play golf wit da bobcats lol

@RealSkipBayless: I'm sorry, can't get over the TimberFools. Rubio, Flynn, Telfair? No trade? No Foye. No Miller Might as well have picked Brett Favre.

@GalenJ: @jinxington If I was getting drafted today, I'd rock a glove...moonwalk across the stage...then dap david stern.

@jinxington: @the_asamp Told you. Wait til he [Morman] starts pickin niggas to present. He gonna be playin

@Swiffle: - Dats me and my BITCH

@jinxington: Oh Fuck. I went to @StraightPurp's twitter page and my screen froze. I just turned the monitor off when my co-worker walked up.

@Wale: ronald mcdonald is the ultimate chester..grown man only hangs wit children and bribes them with burgers and fries. what kid dont like mickeyd's

@jbuckk: do i really even love you? or do i really love ur... brain? ............. i just really love ur brain. :)

@KingBigLex: patrice would mess me up if she knew I was goin out and she didn't do my hair...haha oh well

@dollascholar: milfs are like 24 these days that's why there are cougars now

@jinxington: It's official. North Carolina has THE worst weed. Beleive me. 2nd is Texas, just because @MoeGreene87 said they got a weed called 'corn' lol

@martEMCfly: "The Rainbow's treasures will soon belong to you" I gotta say Pause and no homo on my fortune cookie ...ruined a good meal. Damn

@THE_REAL_SHAQ: Congratualtions kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now "Shaq how my ass taste "

@DIZZYfpc: yesterday, i saw a crackhead with a D.A.R.E. shirt on...the irony

@RealSkipBayless: I will take Lil Wayne on 1st and 10 over John Legend on Mike and Mike any morning.

@DAINahh: ethel just called me to ask how to go "back" on AOL...............its 11:50pm lol and WHY do you still have an AOL email account????

@CoffiesCorner: Yo stan here is a tip for guarding kobe

@jinxington: LMFAO RT @the_asamp: Throwback RT @Swiffle: #3wordsaftersex Dipset Dipset Dipset!

@martEMCfly: Need three bad broads and a panormous pizza

@jinxington: niggas just jumped my dude Aladdin

@CezaCez: @the_asamp Ima find that nigga and his NO gonna turn into a OH NOO!!

@Pbbt: Tell me why my job requires me to LITERALLY fill out TPS reports lmao

@TheWaveRunner: This is by the far the fail of the day. Got damn it black people why was this movie ever made!!

@Goingspam: hey dwight bout a little less twitter and a lot more 10 ft jumpers

@CezaCez: So Swizz jus handed me a mild wit no mouthpiece...told him I could still champ it..Nigga isn't a believer

@BLAW808: @ashleyneicole : since when FB tryina give out user names? I need to hurry up & save all my pics & get tha hell on lol sentiments exactly. Twitter is the future.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[Double] Music of the Moment - July 7, 2009 [Live Edition]

Since it's the time of year for all the live music festivals and all that, I figured I'd post a couple live performances for one of my Music of the Moments. To start off, Explosions in the Sky is one of my favorite bands of all-time. I first noticed them as the band to do the majority of the score and soundtrack for movie Friday Night Lights. The music is simple: two guitars, a bass and a drummer. But the four of them play their instruments with a passion that can't go unnoticed. I got the chance to see them perform sophomore year at the Variety Playhouse in Little 5 and they did not disappoint. To this day, it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Check out one of my favorite songs from the Texas band entitled Your Hand in Mine.
[Note: You can hear it in Friday Night Lights here around the 1:50 mark.]

This second joint is from one of Explosions in the Sky's biggest influences, Scottish band Mogwai. Their song Auto Rock was used in the movie version of Miami Vice as well as several commercials. Again, no lyrics, but still a dope song. Check out the live version from their April performance at the Republic in New Orleans. Dopeness.
[Note: The Lance Armstrong commercial featuring Auto Rock can be found here. Pretty dope commercial too.]

Monday, July 6, 2009

Funniest Shit on Twitter, Pt. 1...

I almost dropped the ball on this one. Twitter has officially taken Facebook's place as my most visited website. The main reason is because it's always updating and it's funny as hell. I've learned more about my friends in the last two months from reading their Twitter updates than I have from interacting the last four years. Here is some of the somewhat random, but funny shit that I've read on Twitter so far...

@Swiffle: Why is my nephew goin around in his underwear singing "birthday sex" ill take the fault for leaving my bday playlist on... Catchy song tho

@NICOnShit: LMAO @ "Go Ham" being a Trending Topic...

@Pbbt: Man on airport shuttle to another man: "imma share your pole if that's alright".......................................................pause.

@MoeGreen87: @the_asamp I ask myself about what Magic [Johnson] is saying all the time, remember the Magic hour lmao!!! "Idd'ss Mahhgikkk!!!"

@RASTruly: Tell me why my 2 year old nephew talkin bout some...blame it on the A A-A-A A em in the zone i guess

@martEMCfly: it shouldn't be this hard to get drugs on a Saturday

@KxG_215: Snickers goin too far......billboard says "Pledge Sigma Nougat"......ftphibetawtf

@GalenJ: #3wordsaftersex Lebron or Kobe?

@Swiffle: #3wordsaftersex Dipset Dipset Dipset!

@Pbbt: Van Gundy looks like the clown dude from spawn

@Jinxington: So many disappointments this week. I'm going to go get high.

@TheWaveRunner: Basketball is not just a game you fuck ass little kid...
[Note: In response to this commercial.]
@Pbbt: #3wordsaftersex THEME MUSIC PLEASE!!!!

@the_asamp: Hahahha Wilbon is going IN on Kwame Brown. Said he should make a documentary called "Kwame: NOT Doin' Work" hahahaha pwnd

@crunkpopeye: whats on my transcript dawwwg MISSSING CREDITS!!

@heyashton: @the_asamp when i was out in baton rouge last, they said, "@the_asamp was the ppl's champ." last show seen? me: death cab. swap details.

@BLAW808: Niggas dogfighting on Simpson road @ the family dollar lol

@Jinxington: @Pbbt @KxG_215 the nigga @the_asamp said it looked like 'a piece of folded up ham with a goatee around it.' fuck..

@crunkpopeye: first asian girl i ever seen on Cheaters

And one last time: Let Me Twitter Dat:

More funny shit from Twitter to come...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Music of the Moment - July 5, 2009

New Wale, people. This joint is called Pretty Girls and it's dope. Got the go-go beat goin and like always, the lyrics are on point:
"What you sippin on? It's no problem/Black & Gold models like I'm pro-New Orleans/
But shorty I'm far from a Saint/But I got two Amex's that look the same way."
Even got a little Splash Girl reference around the 1:55 mark. All I'm gonna say is, I hope you've been listening to Back to the Feature and I can't wait for Attention Deficit to drop. Fuckin December.

And just for the record, you're buggin if this joint doesn't make you do this:

[Note: LOL @ "My Prada's say Prada, they Prada's say Fila."]