Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A.ware - Lady Heroin Teaser [Video]

A.ware over at Greedmont Park recently released a teaser trailer for his new project, Lady Heroin due 6.7.11.

Definitely check this out and don't forget to download the tape when it drops.

Better yet, I'll just remind you a couple more times.

Bulls Finish Pacers, Set For 2nd Round

Man, it took us long enough.

Even though we were able to beat the Pacers by 27 points last night, we still didn't play consistently throughout the First Round series. Heading into the Eastern Conference Semis, we're going to have to continue to get big games from Derrick Rose, keep up our dominant team defense and get an actual contribution from Carlos Boozer. Last night's highlights:

Regardless, we're onto the next one. Bring on.....Atlanta.

Or Orlando.

Sorry, Roy. Maybe next year.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This [STILL] Makes Zero Sense. [Photo]



We've been through this once before.

ray j Pictures, Images and Photos

Once again, word to Ray-J.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Forget: Shit's Disgusting


That face says it all.

Thank God that there is no front angle picture of this.

Karmin - Look At Me Now [Chris Brown Cover]

I've always been a big fan over song covers, and this is no different. Even though I don't really care for the original, this girl Karmin murdered Chris Brown's song. But not just his part, EVERY single verse.

I think I've found my wife.
Quite impressive.

Karmin, if you're out there, do an old Ma$e cover and I'm all yours.

Atlanta Next Week....Finally.

I'm finally making it back to Atlanta next week. Although it's for work and only a couple of days (Tuesday & Wednesday), I'm mad excited to make it back down to the A. If we consider ourselves friends you probably have my phone number, BBM, Twitter, whatever. If you don't, no worries. I can be easily found at these places:
  • Tin Lizzy's
  • Morehouse
  • Moe's & Joe's
  • Probably Tin Lizzy's again
And that's pretty much it.

I'm only in town for a few days so hit me up if you're down for a light to moderate [to extreme] rage session.

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks [Video]

Aight, so this video's not that new but I have this song in crazy rotation right now. Foster the People is one of my favorite new bands. My co-worker Mark put me on this song a few weeks ago and it's probably never leaving my iPod. Check out Pumped Up Kicks from their Foster the People EP [available on iTunes:
For everyone going to Coachella next week....they'll be there.
And they'll be rockin.

Bulls Earn #1 Overall Seed. Unh.

With their win over New Jersey and the Spurs' loss to the Suns last night, the Bulls have taken control over home court advantage for the entire playoffs.
This is huge.
Mainly because of the added confidence to our young team and also for some much-needed momentum going into the playoffs.

Oh yea, and there was one more thing about last night's game at United Center....Scottie Pippen and Ron Harper were there. Yea. That Ron Harper.
Random but at the same time, it makes perfect sense. Somehow.

We open up the 2011 playoffs this Saturday at home against Indiana at 1:00 pm.

Let's go, Chicago.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Sean - Made [Produced by WrighTrax] Video

Gotta take a much needed late pass on this Big Sean video. It's for Made off Finally Famous Vol. 3 and it's actually one of my favorite tracks from the mixtape. I didn't realize that this was produced by my boy Deuce from WrighTrax (Big Sean- Getcha Some, Mike Posner - Drug Dealer Girl) who was a classmate back at Morehouse. Check the video:
This version doesn't have Drake on it but if you want the original version, get the mixtape. Or just click here.

Gonna be a big year for Big Sean and WrighTrax.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Jordan Hammery

No real reason for posting this other than pointing out the sheer fact that MJ was a man among boys...even when he was a boy. Boston, who???


Shit. Is. Disgusting.

Fight For Your Right - Revisited [Man, I Wish This Was a Real Movie...]

I mean, I guess it kind of is.

This two-minute trailer is for a 30-minute short film starring Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, John C. Reilly and Elijah Wood as two sets of the Beastie Boys battling to be the real trio. Sounds weird, I'm sure, but it actually looks pretty amazing. The preview for the film doubles as a music video for the song Make Some Noise off the group's upcoming album Hot Sauce Committe, Pt. 2 and is also pretty reminiscent of the original. Check it out:

Rumor has it that the full-length film includes cameos from Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, David Cross, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott, Rainn Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Alicia Silverstone, Martin Starr, Rashida Jones, and Mike Mills from R.E.M.


[Note: Shouts to my man Big B for putting me on.]

Biggie Drive Thru Prank

I swear I was laughing out loud at this. I don't want to give away too much, just watch it. And if you don't know the lines, first slap yourself then click here. Damn, this was funny.

"Your crew run run run, your crew run run."

Today, in "The Bulls Win Again" News...

...the Bulls win again.

This time it was against the Orlando Magic and I was surprised we even played so hard considering that we already locked up the #1 seed in the East. D.Rose dropped 39, making Jameer Nelson look like a damn fool in the process. The win also improved our record to 60-20. And that's nasty. Check the highlights:

Here's an interesting stat for you:

Not getting ahead of myself. Just take from that what you will.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today In iPod Randomness - #3

Unh, and another one.

Aight, part three of the iPod randomness. I just turned my pod on shuffle and these were the first three songs that came up. As random as always.

Shouts to my man Mook Diddy for putting me on the M.I.A. joint this past weekend. Oh shit, it's FRIDAY.


Ice The Villain - I'll Be [Video]

My man Ice has done it again. Check out the new video for his joint over the classic I'll Be beat.
Unh. And Ice let me know that there will be a lot more where this came from. For example: AWoL Cypher.
It's gonna be a hot summer.

Bulls Defeat Celtics, Remain in First Place. Unh.

Derrick Rose dropped 30 points, 5 rebounds and dished 8 assists to lift the first place Bulls over the Celtics last night in Chicago.

There was a whole lotta this,
and this,

....and especially this last night.

First. Place.

Definitely didn't predict this at the beginning of the season, but I'm definitely looking forward to the playoffs.