Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Martin Was My Jam.


But THIS....we DON'T need... all.

OFWGKTA - Fuck This Christmas

Although Christmas has passed, I still pretty much consider December 15th - January 3th as the "holiday season." With that being said, here's a late Christmas gift from the Oddfuture crew. Hey, better late than never, right??

OFWGKTA - Fuck This Christmas

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Download: Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator And Hodgy Beats - Fuck This Christmas

Oh yea, Free Earl .

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kanye West & Co. - Christmas In Harlem

I gotta get a late pass on this but's dope. Kinda. I'm not sure who waved the white flag first, but I don't really care either way. G.O.O.D. x Dipset. Ariiite.
A G.O.O.D. Music Christmas Compilation??? I'm wit it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kanye West & Co. - Monster Video. Um, we're ready.

My guys at work really think I'm hyping the dopeness of the upcoming video for Monster off the latest Kanye album. Mannnn, when will they learn?? I realize this has been out for more than a week, I'm basically only posting these shots from the video just to get them as excited as I am.


Arcade Fire - The Suburbs [Video by Spike Jonze]

I honestly don't listen to enough Arcade Fire. If you fall in the same boat, at least you can see the video for their latest joint The Suburbs. The video even has somewhat of a message to it. Check it out:
The controversial/hard to understand video consists of clips from the Spike Jonze project, Scenes From the Suburbs, release date TBD.

Been A Long Time....But I'm Back.

I's been pretty much a week and a half since I last posted anything on the blog. Work's been crazy, life's been crazy, everything's just been crazy. By now, you're probably looking at me like:
And for good reason. But before you give me your worst, just know that I'm back and constant posting is my goal. the blog's back. Show happiness.


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cam Newton Story Summed Up in 8 Seconds

OK, real quick post/shot at Cam Newton. And just for the record, I'm actually pulling for Cam and Auburn vs. Oregon but I couldn't resist posting the latest .gif image from the legendary LSU Freek. Check out this one:
People to watch for: Gene Chizik, Urban Meyer and....some preacher guy.

Funny as shit.

Baltimore for a week. I swear to get back on this blogging shit when I'm back.