Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Music of the Moment - September 29, 2009

As promised, a quick Music of the Moment post. This group, Silversun Pickups is from Cali and has been making music since 2001. The most popular song from them has been Lazy Eye and it's been featured on Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, MLB commercials and even on the The O.C. Check out the video that was directed by Suzie Vlcek. Ariiiiite.
Damn, I need to get back on Rock Band.


Super Blown...Plus, a Random Beer Pong Video

I'm actually super blown right now. I wrote this sick ass entry about this past weekend's football games but when I got to my blog today I saw that it never posted. Damn. Everything from the weekend has been discussed on Around the Horn, PTI, Twitter and in front of Jazzman's so it's too late to post now. So to make up for this weekend's debacle, I'll just post this random video of amazing Beer Pong tricks. It's worth the watch. Ariiiiite.
Everybody in the video deserves one of these:

[Note: Shout out to @JC_Smooth for the vid.]

Music of the Moment coming soon...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

AWR College Football Picks - Week Four

I was 100% on last week's picks...except for USC getting jealous'd by Washington. We all knew that the Trojans would blow a game some time and I kinda figured after the Huskies played us so close that they were better than people thought. Anyway, on to the next one...

Game of the Week:
  • (9) Miami at (11) Virginia Tech - Jacory Harris vs. Tyrod Taylor. WOW. I'm goin with the Canes in this one. [ABC, 3:30]
This Week's Picks:
  • THE (7) LSU Tigers over Mississippi State - Duh. [ESPN 360/Peachtree TV, 12:00]
  • (1) Florida WAY over Kentucky. Even with a sick Tebow, the Gators are leagues ahead of UK. [ESPN2/ESPN 360, 6:00]
  • (2) Texas WAY over UTEP - Why elaborate??? [3:00]
  • (3) Bama over Arkansas - No McFadden or Felix to help the Hogs with this one. [CBS, 3:30]
  • (5) Penn State over Iowa - Sorry Web, payback's a bitch. [ABC, 8:00]
  • Oregon over (6) Cal - Cal barely squeeked by Minnesota last week while the Ducks are coming off a big win over (18) Utah. No LaGuerrette Brown, no problem. [ABC, 3:30]
  • Clemson over (15) TCU - I haven't seen much from TCU but Clemson is past due for a big game from CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford. Plus, I don't think Kyle Parker can mess this up. [ESPN 360, 3:30]
  • Texas Tech over (17) Houston - Kinda weird that this is an upset, but Taylor Potts is about to go ham for Tech. [ESPN2, 9:15]
Keep an eye on:
  • Arizona State at (21) Georgia - I'm still not sold on Joe Cox and I don't think Mark Richt is either. He needs to perform. [ESPNU, 7:00]
  • Indiana at (23) Michigan - No chance for Indiana in this one, but the Wolverines are finally fun to watch again. [ESPN2, 12:00]
  • Notre Damn at Purdue - Tryin to see what Clausen talkin bout. [ESPN, 8:00]
  • McNeese State at Tulane - I might be the ONLY person that cares about this game. Shouts to Damion and Dustan

Shit, about 30 minutes til kickoff. Ariiiiiiite.

Friday, September 25, 2009

#4 Ole Miss Gets Jealous'd By USC...not THAT USC...

I'm making this one quick. The #4 ranked Ole Miss Rebels [Worst Mascot ever] got beat by the unranked South Carolina Gamecocks [2nd Worst Mascot ever] last night. I can't say that I didn't see this coming because I felt going into the season that Ole Miss, besides Snead & McCluster, was overrated. I would write more but #bitchitsfriday. Oww.
AWR College Football Picks - Week Four coming soon.
[Note: Random but check out this list of the Worst Mascots in America. Even worse than Rebel and Gamecocks.]

Oh yea and my #followfriday joint:
My peoples.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music of the Moment - September 24, 2009

First off, WHOA.

I'm already asking for a late pass for this one too, btw. I was checking out Governed By Loyalty earlier this week and came across an ill ass video from a rapper that I had never heard of named Jay West. Not only was the track dope as hell but so was the video. Straight black & white with very few effects but still dope. I came to find out that it was the directorial debut from a kid named Phil the God. The shit was ill and I'm definitely gonna be checking back for new shit from both of them.

Just two more questions: When's the mixtape droppin and who is the girl in the video??? I hope to have an answer for both. Ariiiiiiite.
[I'm sayin. If this is dude's debut as a director, more hot shit must be on the way. Aughh.]

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music of the Moment - September 23, 2009

More hot shit.
Well, kinda.

Even though I'm really getting tired of Drake over-saturating the music game, I still love this song. But it's more because of Ye and Eminem's verses. But whatever. Not even Lil Wayne could ruin this joint. The video for Forever from the soundtrack of Lebron James' movie, More Than a Game that I blogged about last semester. The video is pretty dope and like LMo said, I'm surprised that they were able to get all four of these dudes to get together for the video. I guess Hype Williams can make it happen.

And if you need a reminder of what the movie is about, it's pretty much wrapped up with this:

"I didn't go to college, sorry."

[Note: And did you peep how Drake was shot from the neck up most of the time. #niggawassittinhisassdown.] Ariiiite.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keep F--kin That Chicken...

Found this video randomly on YouTube yesterday since got to work from home due to the Atlanta flood [Which was wild.] Anyway, check out this video from New York reporter, Ernie Anastos. It's quite hilarious. Just look at the woman's face at 0:07.

And it would be on Fox News, huh?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Music of the Moment - September 21, 2009

I've blogged about Canadian electronica band Holy Fuck a couple times before and for good reason. They dropped LP back in 2007 but haven't put out much new material as a result of being on the road for the majority of the past two years. So where ever you are, Holy Fuck, [British Columbia this week] I want new music! I'm still blown that I missed them when they were in Atlanta back in 08. Here's two versions of my favorite Holy Fuck joint, Lovely Allen. Let me know what you think. Yurp.

Holy. Shit.

I mean, Fuck.

Giants Win an Ugly One in Dallas...

It was actually a pretty exciting game. The only real ugly part of the game was the screen shot of Eli that I got afterwards. [Wow.] The prettiest thing was the DAM stadium. Holy shit. A record-setting 105,000+ people attended the regular-season home opener at the brand new Cowboys Stadium and they really got a show. Romo's lows and Eli's highs were the story of the game. Romo just looked uncomfortable the whole game. Even with 251 yards on the ground, Dallas had three picks and a fumble that resulted in 24 points for the G-Men and proved to be the deciding factor. The Player of the Game in my opinion had to be Mario Manningham who finished with 10 catches for 150 yards and a touchdown. [Plaxico who??] Who saw that shit coming?? Chad Henne maybe??? Anyway, great game from both sides but the Giants proved that they could win the tough one on the road. Can't say I expected anything else. Here's how it ended:
Other NFL News:
  • The Bears scored late to defeat the defending Champion Steelers in their home opener. Ariiite.
  • The Bengals surprised the Slackers in Green Bay, 31-24
  • Mark "Matt Ryan Jr." Sanchez was able to defend the home field against the Patriots. Yowzers.
  • The Saints jealous'd/embarrassed the Eagles in Philly, 48-22
  • The Redskins managed to beat the lowly Rams without scoring a touchdown, and
  • The Panthers fell to the Falcons after a late near-TD fell incomplete.

[Note: I started off watching the Dallas/New York game at the bar but watched the second half on my computer with NFL.com's new HD player. And the shit is DOPE. The video is clear as hell and it has four dope views. Peep the screenshot. Next time you can't get the game, check it out on your computer. Aughh.]

Colts/Dolphins for MNF tonight...Ariiite.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

AWR College Football Picks - Week Three

Gotta make this quick since the games are about to start...
  • THE (9) LSU Tigers over Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns. Home game, wish I was THERE. [ESPNU, 7:30]
  • (1) Florida [WAY] over Tennessee [Ass whoopin of the day [CBS, 3:30]
  • (2) Texas over Texas Tech [ABC, 8:00]
  • (3) USC over Washington [ABC, 3:30]
  • (4) Bama over North Texas [Peachtree TV, 12:20] - No bullshit, it's on Peachtree TV.
  • (5) Penn State [WAY] over Temple [12:00]
  • (6) Ole Miss [WAY] over Southeastern Louisiana [7:30]
  • (8) Cal over Minnesota [ESPN, 12:00]
  • Florida State over (7) BYU. It kinda sucks that it's considered an upset these days, but yea. [7:00]
  • Oregon over (18) Utah. Kind of a stretch without LaGarrette Blount but it's in Eugene...plus, I'm not really pressed either way. [ESPN, 3:30]
Keep an eye on:
  • (19) Nebraska @ (13) Virginia Tech - Should be a good one with a lot of offense. [ABC, 3:30 - VT ftw]
  • Michigan State @ Notre Dame - Two unranked teams but still another good game. [NBC, 3:30 - ND ftw]
  • (23) Georgia @ Arkansas - Not a fan of either team but Joe Cox is on the hot seat and needs a strong showing to keep his job. [7:45 - UGA ftw]
  • West Virginia @ Auburn - I'm tryin to see what Auburn talkin bouttt... [7:45 - AU ftw]
  • Northwestern @ Syracuse - Not necessarily gonna be a good game, just wanna see my man Paulus get that first W. [7:00 - SU ftw]
Should be another great week of football. Better hope your team doesn't get jealous'd...

Jets, nigga.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Computer Nerds Unite...I Give You AnyClip

Imagine having the ability to find ANY scene from ANY movie EVER. That's pretty much what AnyClip.com gives you the power to do. Crazy, right?? Although the site is still in its beta phase, its insane abilites have already been displayed. Check out the demo.
Pretty dope. Man, I wish this shit came out when I was in high school or college. I'm still trying to find the clip from Rush Hour 2 when Don Cheadle was like, "First off, I'ma whoop YO ass...and then, I'ma whoop yo ass." Props to anyone that can find it btw.

If it can really do what it promises, AnyClip might become a YouTube killer. [Uh oh.] We can expect to see a full version of AnyClip just as soon as Hollywood decides to lighten up on copyright infringement lawsuits and everything. Maybe we'll have it around the time that Kanye West and Taylor Swift do a track together.

Don't hold your breath....is the underlying theme I'm trying to convey.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I Guess the Nationals are More Than Just a Bad Team...

...apparently their hat is a symbol for terrorism.

Tyler Allard, aide to Representative Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) wore a green Nationals hat on a trip through Israel earlier this week. First off, the Nats are
SO BAD that it's not a good idea to wear their hats anywhere but Allard's choice of timing was just bad. Here's what happened:
"An Israeli airport security guard pointed to the hat with the curly W team logo and demanded with a tone of disgust, “Why do you wear that?”

“Good question,” his father, former longtime Senate aide Nick Allard, replied. “They are hopeless. They desperately need relief. You never know when they will hit, and because their defense is so bad, they suffer more than they can dish out. It’s not rational and I can’t explain why, but we are loyal and we love them.” The more he talked, the more upset the security folks became, Nick Allard reports. Their luggage was checked and rechecked, and they were quizzed by security.

When they were finally cleared to board, Allard wrote in an e-mail, the head of the security detail said: “We do not appreciate your Hamas headgear.” Green apparently is a Palestinian “color,” Allard speculated, and the vaguely Arabic Nats logo might have been mistaken for an extremist emblem."
Damn. Sorry Nats fans. Not only is your team one of the worst in baseball, but their alternative hats can cause international incidents.


[Note: Story via ourkitchensink.com.]

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aight, So I Was Wrong... [The Making of BP3 Cover Art]

...and you won't hear me say that a lot, so enjoy it.

I said that my recent post about AlexGoose's Blueprint3 outtakes would be my last post about BP3 for a minute but I came across something today that I had to put on asamp was right. It's a YouTube video detailing the process that Greg Gigendad Burke and Dan Tobin Smith used to create the cover art for the album. Jay even said in an interview with MTV that the instruments were used on the cover to remind people that at the end of the day, hip-hop is still about making music. Peep the process:
When I first saw the cover art on the internet I just assumed that there were just three red lines over the picture. I couldn't have been more wrong. Dan Tobin Smith has done similar work in the past, and it's pretty dope. Here are a couple of his previous projects.
Damn. I need to start paying more attention to cover art.

Music of the Moment - September 16, 2009 [Alex Goose - BP3 Outtakes...]

This might end up being my last time posting about Blueprint3 for awhile. Not only because I've been goin ham on it nonstop since it dropped last Tuesday, but because Cudi came out and it's hot. Anyway, the other day I was lucky enough to come across some beats that this kid Alex Goose made for Blueprint3 and, WOW. They're really dope. Like seriously. Goose posted a download link to the beats as well as just a steaming version if you just want to listen. Check out his site, theblueprint3outtakes.com and twitter [@AlexGoose] for more music.

Dude's about to blow up. Trust.

[Note: Now, TRY and tell me you couldn't hear Hov spittin over these. Don't worry, I'll wait...]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Mean, He DID Apologize...

By now, we all know what Kanye did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs and I'm pretty much tired of hearing of how wrong he was for doing what he did. Can you really be mad at someone for speaking their mind?? Sure, his actions were a little misguided but about half of that bottle of Henn and a couple rubs on Amber Rose's booty meat will have that effect on you. We really need to get over this shit. Like now.

'Ye was on Jay Leno last night where he discussed Sunday's incident. It was a pretty brief interview but I feel like Jay went a little too far asking about his mom and how she would feel. Whoa, man. It's never too soon to bring up someone's deceased parent. 'Ye seemed genuinely remorseful for his actions but...that doesn't mean he don't do it again. But who cares? I mean, he DID apologize.

And the best part was Jay & Rihanna coming out for Run This Town. Aughh.
I mean, Rihanna still can't sing but still an ill performance.

[Note: Links via MissInfo.tv Aughh.]

Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Reasons Why Martin Was the Shiiiiit...

Man, I don't know about you guys but when I was growing up, I used to love the tv show Martin. There was just nothing like it. It was more hood than Fresh Prince but not quite as bad as Def Comedy Jam. Perfect for a middle-schooler in the mid-90s. So anyways, Martin Lawrence subsequently became my favorite actor [yea, I know] and Martin went down in history as one of my favorite shows of all time. But it wasn't just because of Martin, Gina, Pam, Tommy and Cole. Who could forget about my favorite characters: Bruh Man, Hustle Man and Bob from Marketing??? Funny as shit right?? So today's post is dedicated to these three classic characters. Enjoy.

Bruh Man

Hustle Man - Free Range Chicken

Bob from Marketing

I honestly think that Bob works in the same building as me now. No bs.

Oh shit. I almost forgot about JEROMEEEE...
[Note: Just so you know, Jerome's in the house; Ooh oww, ooh oww. Watch ya mouf.]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Might Be the Damn JEALOUS. Damn, Kid...

First off, [LATE PASS.] Secondly, say it ain't so.

Christoper "Kid" Reid [of Kid 'N Play] has been reduced to....selling SUITS??? But wait, these ain't no JoS. A. Bank suits, either. They're not Men's Warehouse. They're not even K&G suits! He's selling suits for SW SUITS in CARSON, CALIFORNIA!!!?? Apparently, these suits are perfect for when "you're tryin to take your lady out, tryin to take your mother out" or for when "one of your homeboys gets SHOT." Wow, Kid. I guess he had "things to do" and he "couldn't wear shorts and flip flops."
Damn, Kid. Recession hit you TOO???!!!

The Blueprint 3 Samples Mixtape [asamp was right Exclusive]

One listen to BP3 and you can tell it has top-notch production. Not only that, but the samples that were used are on point. For this reason, I decided to put together asamp was right's first official mixtape, featuring all the samples used on Blueprint 3. After hearing the samples, you definitely have more of an appreciation for the beats on the album. [Or maybe less, depends on your point of view.]

1. Frédéric Mercier - Spirit [What We Talkin' About]
2. Marcos Valle - Ele E Ela [Thank You]
3. Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky - In the Space [D.O.A.]
4. The 4 Levels Of Existence - Someday In Athens [Run This Town]
5. The Moments - Love On A Two-Way Street [Empire State of Mind]
6. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Rehearsal Version) [On to the Next One]
7. Mother Freedom Band - Touch Me [A Star Is Born]
8. Gladstone Anderson - Mad Mad Ivy [Already Home]
9. Alphaville - Forever Young [Young Forever]

Download links below. Enjoy.


[Note: There's a limit on the number of downloads so leave a comment if you don't get it and I'll shoot it to you. Gucci.]

So Jay was on Letterman...

And he was actually funny. Props to Hov for holding his own after the Bill Maher joint wasn't really "on point." It was a good showing for Jay, especially to a crowd that probably knows NOTHING about him. Good shit, Jay. On to the next one. Aughh.

BP3 is still rockin btw.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Glad I Waited...

But the shit wasn't easy.

I was one of the few people I knew that did NOT download Blueprint 3 before it dropped yesterday. And I'm actually glad that I did. The shit rocks. My immediate favorites are A Star is Born with J.Cole, Real As It Gets with Young Jeezy and On to the Next One with Swizz Beatz. [Beat is INSANE.] I would have said Hate with Kanye was my favorite but I heard it before yesterday. All in all, I'm satisfied with the album. Jay's really relying on wit, wordplay and persuasive on this album versus in the past when he was going with just an all-out verbal assault.1 Pharrell's joint is really good and so is the Cudi joint but I'm still not really digging the Drake feature. Hov should have probably given Drake a verse and the album as well as offered Wale a verse. I feel like the Wale feature was the only real thing missing from the album, but maybe we'll see Jay on Attention Deficit.

We can only hope.

Got a week til Cudi drops and I'm gonna hold off for that one too. Aughh.

[Note: 1: via http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Damn, So Summer's REALLY Over...

So I figured I'd post one last song about the summer. Death Cab for Cutie has had some really good songs but my absolute favorite is Summer Skin. It's actually about a relationship that lasts for the summer but when Labor Day comes....it's wrap city. This is a fan-made video but it's still pretty good. Auggh.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Day is Upon Us...College Football Has Returned

Man, I've been counting down since the Peach Bowl for today. College football is officially back in full effect and it's about DAM time. I'm gonna make this quick so I can go watch the Choke-hio State game and hit the Bama/V.Tech tailgate:

Today's picks are pretty easy:
  • My LSU Tigers (11) over Washington Huskies [Duh]
  • Alabama (5) over Virginia Tech (7)
  • Oklahoma State (9) over Georgia (13)
  • Oklahoma (3) over Brigham Young (20)
  • USC (4) over San Jose State
  • Ohio State (6) over Navy
  • Tennessee over Western Kentucky
  • Georgia Tech (15) over Jacksonville State [Damn Perriloux]
  • Boston College over Northeastern
This week was pretty self-explanatory. We all KNOW the Tigers are gonna work the Huskies. And I really feel like Jacksonville State would have had a shot against Tech had Ryan Perriloux been playing. The biggest question marks were the UGA/OK State and the Bama/Tech games. I'm not sure if UGA's new quarterback has the firepower to keep up with Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant today. And also, if Julio Jones and Mark Ingram would have remained suspended for today's game, they would have had a better chance. But they're not. So they don't.

Geaux Tigers.

[Note: Shouts to Greg Paulus is starting for Syracuse today. Wish him luck. He'll need it.]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Yeah, I'm not the Biggest Tyler Perry Fan...Part 1

...I actually can't stand the dude.

Is it because of his two shitcoms that perpetuate stereoypes about Blacks?? Maybe it's the male-bashing movies that he loves to make?? Or could it be that he's a grown man parading in WOMEN'S clothES??? Nah. It's none of these. The first reason I can't stand Tyler Perry is because he thought it was ACCEPTABLE/NECESSARY to wear this big fake, nappy ass afro in his movie.

I was coerced/forced by my mom to watch The Family That Preys at our last Sampson family gathering. While all the women in my family were engulfed in the movie, all the guys were like: "Do you NOT see this big fake ass FRO this nigga is wearing?!!?" It was hard to to take the movie serious so I stopped paying attention after that. I mean, would the story not have made since if he would've just rocked a fade??? He was in the joint lookin like:

This is one post of many.
Tyler Perry must be stopped.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Most GANGSTA Rap Group You've Never Heard Of...

It has to be Gank Move. "Who is Gank Move" you might be askin...well I'll tell ya. [Note: For that reference, check here around the 2:59 mark] Gank Move was a gangsta rap group from Detroit [of all places] back in the early 90's. They had roots to California which explains their West Coast-ish sound. They dropped one album, Come Into My World and they pretty much rapped about robbing, killing, drugs and murder. And they kept it real. Big Mello has since died and Bango is in jail for LIFE. Just another example of when "Keeping it Real Goes Wrong." This shit still kawld tho...
[Note: Peep the FULL Charlotte Hornets' outfit @ the 0:37 mark and the half-pound/half-slap handshake @ the 1:07 mark. Ballin.]

And the Detroit heads are commenting like crazy on YouTube:
Wuddupdoe Detroit???