Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matt & Kim feat. Soulja Boy and Andrew WK - I'm a Goner [Video + MP3]

Trust me, if someone told me last yeat that I'd have a blog post just mentioning Soulja Boy I'd say you were a fool. But then again, some people say cucumbers taste better pickled Regardless, I'm not writing this post simply about Soulja Boy. I'm writing because Converse has done it again: Put together three acts that would normally never [ever] collaborate. Last year it was Kid Cudi, Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend on the song All Summer. This year's version features the duo Matt & Kim, rapper Soulja Boy and Andrew WK. Not sure if this year's version stacks up to last year's but at least they tried something different.


Matt & Kim feat. Soulja Boy and Andrew WK - I'm a Goner

Not too turrible.

Kendrick Lamar x Va$htie x Rocksmith - ADHD [Video]

Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar has a new Va$htie-directed video for ADHD off of his Section.80 album. More heat from him as he continues to gain popularity on the East coast. Shouts to my man Modi for putting me [and most of DC] on.

Oh, and Va$htie is still the snooks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack Daniels.....for Breakfast?!

....well kinda.

I mean, at least we can see what vodka would look like in an orange juice carton. German Art Director Jörn Beyer has redesigned packaging for Absolut Vodka, Jägermeister and Jack Daniels and replaced the traditional glass bottles with....tetra paks. The project is entitled Ecohols. I can't even front...this would be trouble.
It's probably a god thing that these aren't real. We all know those kids can't hold their liquor.

And for the record, this is the commercial I was referencing in this post's title:

OnCue - Feel Tall [Video]

I can't front, after 10+ years of listening to Eminem, the whole Asher Roth experiment of 2009 and semi-drunken freestyles with my man Johnny C., there's not much room on my musical plate for another white rapper.

I'm kidding....but I'm only kinda kidding. Then outta nowhere comes this kid OnCue out of Connecticut. At first glance, he's nothing different: Supreme snap back, frat boy look. Basically the same thing we've seen the last few years. But after stumbling across his video for Feel Tall this weekend, I was immediately hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I even risked the inevitable short jokes from my friends due to the song title. Check out the video and the download link underneath.

OnCue - Feel Tall [Produced by CJ Luzi]

I mean, he's no savior to hip-hop but this is a pretty dope song. If we let Drake get away with singing on all his hooks, we might as well let this kid.

NBA 2K12: Greatest Trailer

This is disgusting.

There's no doubt in my mind that NBA 2K12 is going to be absolutely amazing. 34 classic teams, dozens of all-time great players, swagged out graphics and features...I literally can't wait. You can check out full specs for the game here. And here's the latest trailer:

I need this game now.

Right now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pusha T feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy - Amen [MP3]


New Pusha T and it's right on time. This joint features the man of the hour, Kanye West and of course Young Jeezy. It's called Amen and just by the title alone it falls in line with the theme of Pusha's Fear Of God: Let Us Pray due hopefully later this month. I mean, I wasn't even expecting any Pusha today so of course this is a great surprise. Unh.

Pusha T feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy - Amen


Workaholics. You Should Be Watching This Show


In the class of must-see tv shows, it's easy for a show like Workaholics to get lost in the shuffle that is Entourage, True Blood and uh, Martin. Workaholics is basically a comedy centered around three roommates that work at the same telemarketing company. Might sound like any other show but it's actually quite funny. In a slightly awkward, Curb Your Enthusiasm-meets-frat row type way. Check out a scene

There's more where that came from.

And they signed for a second season. Swag.

Kid Cudi - No One Believes Me [Video]

"Damn asamp was right, Where the hell you been??"

Finally back after a brief hiatus. Between work, more work and Watch the Throne's release last week, I haven't had much time to scour the internet for new music. I did, however, happen to come across Kid Cudi's new video for his song on the Fright Night Soundtrack. I mean, the movie looks pretty terrible but the song and video are dope:

Unh. New Coodwah.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wale - On One Freestyle [Video]


Aight, so Wale murdered this track. I'm actually surprised to say that because I've been on the fence about the majority of his post-Interscope material. Hopefully this will encourage all other rappers to find other beats to rap over...this song has run its course. Still a strong showing for Wale, though:

EGHCK. I hope this is what he has in mind for the rest of his Ambitious joints.

Jonah Hill in The Sitter [Trailer/NSFW]

Aight cool, a new Jonah Hill movie. Can't be mad at that. It's called The Sitter and to me it looks like a cross between Daddy Day Care, Pineapple Express and 30 Minutes or Less...even though I've only seen one of those movies. I figured that this would hold us over until Allen Gregory comes out but it looks like the movie won't be out until December. Either way, should be pretty dope.

Definitely, I repeat, definitely some NSFW language in this joint fyi...

Speaking of 30 Minutes or Less, I know where I'll be Friday night. Unh.

It Ain't Safe in the City...

PhotobucketPhotobucket know the rest. [Or at least you should by now.]


The internet is going went completely insane as a result of the digital release of Watch the Throne yesterday and although I'm waiting for it to be released in stores before listening, I completely understand why. Basically throughout the entire process of this album, from rumor to speculation to doubts to anticipation to delays to tour dates to an actual release, I guess some of us never really thought about how dope it would be for two of our favorite musicians to work together like this—until yesterday.

And thanks to my older brother—who's the f'ing man—I finally got my tickets for the DC show. [Love you, bro!]

What a sick ass day.

By the way, the artwork looks absolutely incredible and you can download the digital copy of WTT here.