Saturday, October 8, 2011

LSU vs. Florida...Let's GO.


Got the boys from FU UF coming through Baton Rouge today. With Texas A&M joining the SEC West next season, this might be the last time we play Florida on a yearly basis. Might as well go out with the bangiest of bangs. Not like extra hype is needed but this should add some regardless:

Oh, and watch for a big game from Tyrann Mathieu aka Honey Badger aka Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NBA 2K12.....Finally.

Welp, the day is finally here. 2K12 is in stores and even though it doesn't have rookies and we might not even have a 2012 NBA season, you still have to be excited for this release. I mean, you have to be. And the game intro is quite dope:

Man, oh man. It's about time.

Denzil Porter - Kanye West [Video & mp3]


You'd have to be a pretty new reader of this blog not to know how big a Kanye West stan fan I am. So you can imagine that I was pretty curious as to why rapper Denzil Porter named his new single Kanye West. Once I heard the hook [Why you gotta be such an assholeeee???] it was quite clear. This is a funny ass song with a pretty decent video. I wonder if Kanye's heard it yet. Check out the video and get the mp3 right after.

Denzil Porter - Kanye West

And yo, is it just me or does dude look like Austin??? haha