Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gotta Make It To Seven.../No Flagrant for Rondo/Josh Smith Is Not Smart

Big game tonight in Chicago. We have a chance to tie the series at 3 games apiece and force a Game 7 back in Boston. And I think we can do it. Even though it sounds like a Disney movie, the Bulls gain a lot of confidence with every close game we play. And in contrast, the Celtics lose a little. I'm not the kind of fan that's happy with just not getting Piston'ed...I want to WIN. And I believe will will tonight and next game. So what?? And it's gonna be a close one. Three of the five games have gone to at least overtime and one of the non-overtime games was won by a last second shot. If we show up to play, then I'm sure I'll be doing this after the game:

Now onto the "controversial" foul from Rajon Rondo onto Brad Miller: I think that it was a foul and maybe even a regular season flagrant foul...but a flagrant fould in game 5 of the playoffs with 1 second left?? While I wish the flagrant would have been called, I don't think that the ref would make that call at this point in such an important game. But Rondo did leave Brad Miller's mouth lookin like this. Damn. And after Rondo throwing a punch that connected and getting off, why did Dwight Howard get suspended for Game 6 after throwing an elbow?? That's messed up. With that being said, I'm sure that the next person to commit a flagrant foul in this serious will definitely be suspended....if he doesn't play for the Celtics.

[Note: I know you saw Josh Smith's ass try to get that under-the-legs dunk during last night's Hawks/Heat game. Not only did he miss it, but he gave the ailing Heat even more motivation Wtf.]

Um, he did dunk on Jermaine O'Neal though...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hornets Embarrassed @ Home/Lake Show Cruises

Ass whoopin.

That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Hornets/Nuggets game last night.
You can't really say that you didn't see it coming: It's the 2/7 match up, the Nuggets are a pretty good road team, and they have the X-Factor on their team, Chauncey Billups. I'm not afraid to admit that I didn't predict the type of effect that Chauncey would have on Denver following the A.I. trade, but the proof is in the pudding. [Just ask Chris Paul.] Not only did the Nuggets tie an NBA Playoff record by defeating the Hornets by 58 points, but they did it in NEW ORLEANS. Damn Hornets. I know this is going to motivate CP3 to come back strong in game 5, but will it really make a difference?? [Don't bet on it.]

Lamar Odom finally decided to play. He dropped 26 points and grabbed 15 rebounds as the Lakers ended the Jazz's season last night in game Five. Not much to say about this one except that I saw it coming a mile away. [Pause.] I'm still waiting for the Lakers/Cavs finals. The game was over pretty early...just the Jazz's playoffs. Oh, and Diddy was there.

Oh yeah and the Bulls gotta ball tonight since the series is headed back to Boston. Oh, and Ben Gordon is a game time decision.
Very unwavy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Forget That Dave Chappelle Is Funny As Shit


Ever since the Lost Episodes of Chappelle's Show, mad people have wondered where Dave Chappelle has been. I just might have the answer. This video isn't new but it's from an appearance Chappelle paid to MTV UK's Kojo's Comedy Funhouse. It's basically a show that features different stand-up acts. He's as funny as ever. Even in London.

Haha @ 7:12: "They got my gun...but they ain't get these rocks niggaaaaa...."

Come back to comedy Dave Chappelle.
That would be wavy.

[Note: Peep how he ethers the dude @ 2:22. It burns don't it??]

Music of the Moment - April 27, 2009


New shit from Yeezy.

Kanye's been one of the busiest guys in hip hop lately so of course I wasn't surprised when I came across another new joint from him. This one is off of G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night, the new joint from Kanye and Malik Yusef. It's gonna be a double disc with 12 tracks on each cd, representing each hour of the day. I'm definitely coppin this joint asap. Check out the first single, Magic Man from Kanye and Malik Yusef featuring Common and John Legend.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bulls Hold On In Game 4/Shawn Nelson to the Bills


Game Four between my Bulls and the Boston Celtics was definitely one of the best games I've seen all year....but only because we ended up winning. The Bulls/Celtics series proved again today why it was the best series of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. I mean, damn. The match-ups have been insane: D.Rose and Rajon Rondo, [college teammates/best friends] Tyrus Thomas and Big Baby, Ben Gordon and Jesus Shuttlesworth. Epic match-ups. [Good thing KG's not playing...] All in all, I'm glad we were able to pull out the W in double OT even after valiant attempts from the new Big Three: P.Double, Ray Ray and Rondo. But we still knocked em out like:


And I gotta give another shout out to my boy Shawn Nelson for getting picked up by the Buffalo Bills today. He should be an instant deep threat [Pause.] along with T.O. and Josh Reed. Yeah, Josh Reed. Whoa. First Putt, now Shawn, I guess I have some new teams to follow.


[Note: Draft Overview coming soon. At first glance, I feel like the Eagles might have had one of the strongest showings this year. We'll see.]

Music [Video] of the Moment - April 26, 2009


I stumbled across this video last night on YouTube and had to post it. It's a video of one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend, playing acoustic versions of The Kids Don't Stand a Chance and Oxford Comma while walking the streets of Paris. The video was posted on La Blogotheque, along with dozens of other bands performing unplugged versions of their songs. Just something light for a Sunday. Still pretty wavy though.

The original is pretty dope too.


Friday, April 24, 2009



Thank God It's Muthafuckin' Friday.
  • Senioritis is sinking in.
  • Graduation fees lookin stupid.
  • Mad work for no reason.

Time to get my Kyle Orton on.


Music [Video] of the Moment - April 24, 2009

In the midst of being disappointed by a my squad in Chicago, someone else from Chicago saved the day. Finally, Kanye's video for Amazing feat. Young Jeezy dropped. And did I mention it's a Hype Williams joint?? Very wavy indeed. And 'Ye has been doing mad production and guest appearances lately. I'm not mad.

Yeezy's back.
Uh oh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 23, 2009

I gotta make this post quick because the Bulls are about to come on. Anyway, today's joint is a remix of 1901 by Phoenix that I blogged about a few weeks ago. It was remixed by French bandThe Teenagers and it's pretty dope. Let me get this shit up so I can watch this W in Chicago. Oww.

Might as well post the video from another popular Phoenix song, Too Young. You might remember it from the early dancing scene in Shallow Hal with Jack Black.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Derrick Rose Named Rookie of the Year...and Other Sports Ish

Yes. Yes. Yurp.

First off, that'swhatshesaid. Secondly, I saw this earlier today and couldn't be happier. D.Rose has really worked out for us so far and first picks don't always work out. [As we all know.] His numbers and performance were the reason he won the award: 2nd among all rookies in scoring, 1st in assists and minutes played. Bawse. I'm glad he showed that not every front office in Chicago sports is not T'd. And I'm sure his performance in Game 1 vs Boston pretty much sealed the award.
[Note: I'm not sure how OJ Mayo got completely out of the ROY picture. He scored buckets all year out in fucking Memphis. Whatever.]

NFL Draft Ish:
Shawn and Darry, good luck this weekend in New York. I'm sure you're both gonna be beasts at the next level. Wavy.

Now onto the unwaviness.
News just dropped that future NFL first rounder Percy Harvin and former UNC WR Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana during the NFL combine back in February. I understand that smoking weed might be a common thing, but to do it when you know you have MILLIONS of dollars on the line AND you know you're gonna be tested....come on man. And I like both of these guys [nh] but this was one of the dumbest things they could have done. Pulling a Mario Chalmers. smh. While I think this might actually make Harvin drop a few spots in the draft, I'm positive it won't effect him on the field. SEC all day. It just shows possible teams that he might have some maturity issues and he already starts his rookie year with one strike against him.

The Draft is this Saturday and Saturday and Sunday on ESPN. Owwww.

Music of the Moment - April 22, 2009

Kid Cudi might really be nice. I've heard some good stuff from him, I've heard some aight stuff from him, but nothing bad. This new joint off of his latest mixtape, Dat Kid From Cleveland is pretty dope. It's called Daps & Pounds and it's just the latest of hot joints that Cudi has dropped. Check it out.

And if you never got on the I Poke Her Face joint with Kanye, Common and Lady GaGa, then you're sleepin.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aight...ONE more Lebron video...

...and this is the best one yet.

Apparently there's a movie coming out about Lebron and his childhood teammates during their journey from grade school, to St. Vincent-St. Mary's to Lebron getting into the NBA. And it looks dope. The movie is called More Than a Game and it hits select cities in October. I'm just hoping that whatever city I'm in gets it, or I'll be making a road trip. Oww.

Should be dope.
[Note: And if you're not watching the Cavs/Pistons beatdown game tonight at 8, I have only one thing to say to you: this.

Speaking of Lebron...

After my boys Francis and Chris let me know that that Lebron commercial I posted was actually old as hell, I felt like I needed to redeem myself. So when Chris showed me the Cavs remaking the Heineken commercial with the walk-in closet full of beer. First off, the commercial is dope but the Cavs version is ill too. I'm a big Kobe fan but if Lebron was able to get the MVP and a championship this year, I would be very happy.

If my Bulls or the Lakers can't pull it off this year, I'm definitely goin for Lebron and the Cavs.

The 1975 Cleveland Cavaliers. Wavy.
Man, the Cavs have fun. If I played for any team in the NBA, it would have to be the Cavs. No playing time necessary.

Lebron x Nicole Scherzinger for Nike. Oww.

First off, I LOVE Nicole Scherzinger. And Lebron's ads for Nike are always ill. This spot is kinda long (nh) but check it out. If not for another funny Lebron joint, but just because Nicole is fine. as. shit.

Over and Under [After Six] - Starring Lebron James and Nicole Scherzinger

Yeah, she's bad.
And Lebron's funny as shit.

Music of the Moment - April 21, 2009

Clipse x Kanye. I'm there.

The first single for the Clipse upcoming album Till the Casket Drops is a beast. Kanye is back on his game and I'm down with it. Not surprising at all, right?? The most surprising part about this joint is that it's actually not Kanye on the beat. But even still, it really sounds like some 2002 classic Kanye shit. Whatever, it's still hot. Check out the joint by Clipse feat. Kanye West Kinda Like a Big Deal. Owwie.

[Note: They say that it's DJ Khalil but I'm still not convinced that it's not Kanye on the beat. Btw.]

And I know that Ross dropped today and I have to blog about it so....Rick Ross Rick Ross Rick Ross. There. Ow.

Andy Milonakis x Hip Hop x Twitter = Funny As Hell

I'm one of the few people that actually thinks Andy Milonakis is really funny. I mean, it's not like he's a comedic genius, but he made me and my friends laugh back in high school at least. The latest from this kid is his new song about Twitter called Let Me Twitter That. It's fucking funny. Mostly because I don't really like Twitter, but still I was dyin. Check out the vid.

Also, check out the rap video he made for the closing credits on one of my favorite movies Waiting.... Andy's not new to this rap shit. Oww.

[Note: And yo, is this dude really 33 years old?? I mean, I know wikipedia isn't the most reliable source of information, but word...??]
Add title here Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, April 20, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 20, 2009

Yeah, it's 4/20. And even though I don't really participate in the all of the festivities but I know someone who does, Asher Roth. His album dropped today and from the joints I've heard so far....I'm diggin it. I'm coppin as soon as I get out of advertising. Fuggggit. The lyrics are still pretty much there: all the happenings of the suburban, upper-middle class lifestyle. It's right up my alley. And he dropped on 4/20 for a reason. There's more talk about drugs than Season 3 of The Wire and more 90's references than an episode of Family Guy. [Those are good things btw.] Whatever though, decide for yourself. Here's Asher's latest video for Lark In My Go Kart. Oh, yeah and the entire album. Oww.

[Note: Peep the ill Saved By The Bell theme. Very wavy indeed.]

Wait, you do know he means Lark In My Go Kart as in Lark Voorhies who played Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell, right?? She was bad as hell. This, along with a discussion I had last night, lead me to ask this question: Who would get the sookups first, Lark Voorhies/Lisa Turtle or Karyn Parsons/Hilary Banks???? Hmm...check the poll to the right and go vote!!

And remember people, this is for ALL the sookups.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slow Motion Punches To The Face. Word??

I ran across this video a few days ago and forgot to post it. My fault. It's basically what the title says its: Slow Motion Punches to the Face. And people are getting punished. I'm not a punchologist but I'm sure these joints hurt., seriously. That has to hurt.

And the song used in the video is Sweaty (Shazam Remix) by Muscles. It's pretty dope.
And plus, didn't Dave Chappelle already tell us that everything looked better in slow motion??

I Almost Forgot How Crazy Mike Tyson Was...

...but then I saw this on YouTube. That nigga was fucking CRAZY. He's destined to go down in history as the Most Unintentionally Funny Person of All-Time.

Very unwavy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shh...the Bulls are on!

Game 1 of the series against Boston is on and we're looking pretty good. D.Rose is hitting his shots and distributing the ball well [15 and 6 in the first half.] Ben Gordon is on point like always. These KG-less Celtics are definitely beatable. Oww.

You already know.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 17, 2009

Yo I gotta post this song before it gets old. Kid Cudi x Kanye West x Rick Ross?? Oww. Plus, it's less than a week til Ross drops and I'm patiently waiting for his joint. Apparently I'm a pretty big Rick Ross fan these days. BAWSE. Plus Cudi is doin his thing right now. Fuggggit. Well this is the remix to Sky Might Fall by Kid Cudi and Rick Ross, produced by Kanye West. Owwie.

Kid Cudi feat. Rick Ross - Sky Might Fall

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Bruce Pearl Is the MAN

As an avid LSU fan, I find it impossible difficult to find even a single reason to cheer for Tennessee. The one good thing about the school/athletic program is the head coach of the basketball team, Bruce Pearl. He's a coach that actually has fun doing what he does. From groping Erin Andrews, to cheering on the Lady Vols, he's one of the biggest personalities in college sports. And what he did on Monday was just more proof. At the Tennessee basketball award ceremony, Pearl showed up wearing an orange and white checkered blazer with no undershirt...and he rapped. [Or tried to.] This shit was hilarious and if I was a high school kid looking for a school to play for next year, Tennessee would have just shot up 10 spots. Ow. Check out the Bruce Pearl-inspired Countdown of the Most Memorable Sports Raps. [Note: The only missing is this. ESPN was wylin by leavin that one out. AND don't sleep on my man Les Miles at 3:20. Owww.]

Bruce Pearl is fucking wavy.

Music [Videos] of the Moment - April 16, 2009

For me to be such a big fan of the song Close to Me by The Cure, I guess I should at least be a fan of the band. I guess it's just that I like the song because I've heard it covered by at least four different bands, and everytime it's dope. I just heard about a tribute album called Perfect As Cats that's two discs worth of different bands covering classic Cure songs. If I check this joint out, I might actually start to like them. Ow.

Check out the original and two cover versions of the best Cure song of all time, Close to Me.

The Cure - Close To Me (1985)

The Get Up Kids - Close To Me Cover (2001)

Kaki King - Close To Me Cover (2009)
The Get Up Kids version is shitting on the original.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wtf: Sports Edition


Yo, wtf??

On the eve of Playoff Basketball, the sports world is a little crazy right now. I'll elaborate.

First off, Isaiah Thomas has decided to take the head coach position at Florida International. Florida International?? Word??? That's the best you could get Isaiah?? When I first heard this, I immediately thought it was curtains for Isaiah Thomas. And then I heard something today that confirmed it: He's working for free next season. $0 dollars. So this new coaching gig is basically a glorified internship. Isaiah Thomas has an internship to be the head coach at Florida International. Wow.

In other nutty sports news....Greg Paulus, the former staring point guard for the Duke Blue Devils, had work out with the last week. He just finished his fourth year at Duke and I guess he missed his old pastime. Paulus was a standout football player in high school and he was even named the 2004 Gatorade Football Player of the Year....but he hasn't played in four years. And definitely not on a professional level. And yesterday he even met with Michigan football coach about possibly playing for the Wolverines this year. Crazy. But stranger things have happened.

[Note: Playoffs start Saturdayyy. Oh shit. The NBA Playoffs Beer Pong: Where Real Amazing Happens.]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drive Slow, Homie/Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son

Today was a pretty wild day.

I woke up to a blinking clock after a power outage in the middle of the night, so of course I was late for my early class. [Blown.] Then I get there to see that I got an A on a test that I was sure I failed. [Hype.] Then I found out that my consecutive 1:00 and 2:25 classes were cancelled due to a Morehouse visit from Ben Bernanke. [Extra hype.] Once I get there with Stew and Mike and we made it through the secret service, they told us that we wouldn't be able to leave once the joint started. [Blown. And we left.] So Mike gets the idea that we should get on Rock Band back at my crib. Of course I abided, so we ditched campus and Mike and Stew were gonna ride over and meet me at my crib. So they get here and Stew walks in shaking his head. I look at Mike and he's doing the same thing. I was like, Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son. Apparently, on the way to my crib the boys got pulled over by a Georgia State Trooper. The trooper claimed they were going 75 in a 50...and they weren't. The worst part was, the speed limit was 55!! But despite all of that, our band The Boomsookas killed Rock Band for about 3 hours.

But even though he's gonna beat the case like Rocky, I guess the moral of the story is, "If Ben Bernanke comes to speak at your school, GO." But if you decide to skip it, drive slow homie.

But it could have been worse. Mike could have pulled over and this happened:

Music [Videos] of the Moment - April 14, 2009

First off, I'm not a very big Moby fan. Actually, I don't really care for his music at all. As a matter of fact, the only reason I checked out Play when I was younger was because I wanted to make sure that I didn't like it. [Couldn't call myself musically well-rounded if I didn't.] Regardless of all that, when I saw Moby's new video for Shot In The Back of the Head, I instantly liked it. It's mad artsy, and as gay as that sounds, I think that's why it's so dope. [Not because it's gay, because it's artsy.] The song is actually pretty ill too. No vocals, so he couldn't really fuck mess that up. If his new album, Wait For Me is full of joints like this, I might even pick it up. He just announced the title and tracklist for the album today on his website. Anyway, check out this new video from Moby. Oww....Oww for a Moby joint?? Damn I'm slippin.

Top 60 Ghetto Names

So Jinx showed me this earlier yesterday at my crib. It's mildly racist but I still think it's funny. The worst part is that some of these are real names that people are naming their kids these days. You should have seen some of the names of the kids at the school where I volunteer. Parents need to do better. Sorry if your name is in here though. T'd. hahaha

Do better.

[Note: Low key....LOL at Kisha, Tay Tay and Deedra hahaha]

Monday, April 13, 2009

World's Funniest Office Commercials. Oww.

Last night I did my usual routine of doing homework/watching classic comedy movies. This time the channel was TBS and the movies were Happy Gilmore and Old School but between the two was TBS's World's Funniest Office Commercials Special. Since I love commercials and advertising altogether, this joint was right up my alley. [Pause.] It was pretty much the same as the usual World's Funniest Commercials jawn, but all of the commercials in this one were in the corporate setting. And did I mention that it was hosted by Mike O'Malley?? Fucking Brilliant. If any of the job offers that I get even slightly resembles one of these commercials, then I'm T'd. Oh well. Here go my favorites from last night. [Most of these are available at the TBS blog at, even though the site sucks.]

Embassy Suites - Everyone Likes You

Motorola - My Wife Phone Call

FedEx Golf #1 [Boss Sick?]

FedEx Golf #2 [Into Golf]

FedEx Golf #3 [Red-handed]

BC Lions - Casual Friday

Hearing Foundation - Office

Rolling Rock - Thong

Bud Light - Swear Jar [Classic.]

Biggest Snub of the Night?? My man Terry Tate the Office Linebacker. HOW can you do a World's Funniest Office Commercials Special and not include T2??
Terry Tate Office Linebacker

This last one wasn't even on the show, but it was on the TBS blog. This dude is hilarious. And check his eyes at 0:45, he looks just like this dog. [If you've never seen this before, check the whole thing here.]

Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

Hahaha I love commercials.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter's Just Not The Same...

I don't mean the actual celebrating of the holiday isn't the same, that's still cool. I'm talking about what the kids are wearing on Easter Sunday these days. Let me explain. When my brother and I were young, our Mom used to make sure we were fly as hell on Easter. And by fly, I mean we were wearing bright ass pastel colors, stone-washed jeans and Cliff Huxtable sweaters. Ill. I refuse to believe that my brother and I were the only kids forced to wear loud and obnoxious clothing each and every Easter Sunday. My all-time favorite was the blue, pink, green and yellow plaid suits with the matching ties and a matching yellow shirt. That's what Easter fashion is all about!! Our Easter suits were so tight that all the other kids were looking at us like:

Every kid I saw today was dressed like they were trying to get a summer internship: regular clothes or navy and khaki. Come on parents, where's the motivation?!
Sampson Boys - Easter 1990

[Random Easter Video: SNL Easter Album]

Hope you had a good one. Oww.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 11, 2009

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do tonight and my boy Torrance let's me know that I'm missing out by not checking out the new Maybach Music with Ross, Kanye, Wayne and everyone's favorite hookster, T.Pain. As soon as I heard Kayne's verse, I was convinced. 'Ye's lyricism has improved over the years, and this joint is no exception. Wayne didn't even disappoint me on this one, so he's a little bit further from being permanently excommunicated. Check it out though.

Maybach Music 2 - Rick Ross, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and T.Pain. Oww.

Double Music [Videos] of the Moment - April 10, 2009

First off, last night at Sabor was pretty ill. [Shouts to MJ. You were right.] Me and Jinx rolled up there and it felt like damn near the entire senior class was there. Even Brandon Lafell was there. Yeah, that Brandon Lafell. Cool dude, could have been a first-rounder, but I'm fucking glad he's coming back this year. Aight, back to last night. The girls were on point, all of my people were in there and they weren't really bustin heads for drinks. I think we might be addicted to the club again. This can't be good. On to the music. Two new videos for today. I peeped the first one on Kanye's blog and it' a fan video for Street Lights off of 808's & Heartbreak. It's pretty dope too. Peep Street Lights directed by Mills Miller. Ow.

This joint is from another artist from G.O.O.D. Music, Mr. Hudson. You probably don't realize it, but you've been listening to Mr. Hudson and the Library for a sec even if you don't realize it. He was on a number of joints off of 808s & Heartbreak providing vocals and production. G.O.O.D. Music has a lot of good shit coming out. [Shouts to Hil.] Check out the video for There Will Be Tears from Mr. Hudson.
Hopefully tonight won't suck just because last night was ill. Oww.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Class Is ROUGH Without the Internet...

So today my computer could NOT get the internet to save my LIFE. I was sitting in class with Jinx and I was buggin when I couldn't connect to Morehouse's slouch ass wireless. I'm sitting in the first of three consecutive Tuesday/Thursday classes (1.5 hours each) and my INTERNET doesn't work?? I spazzed. I mean, SPAZZED. Jinx was like, "Yo Samp, settle down. You're buggin." I responded like this:

It was a rough day to say the least. 

So what did we do??
Watched the Powder Puff football games at Spelman, grabbed some Mickey D's and brews with Brandon2 and watched MTV Jamz. I still hate music videos but it was a good change of pace. I need to get back on my MacBook game because this PC is fucking killing me. Not wavy. Not wavy at all.

Fabolous - Computer Love


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music of the Moment - April 7, 2009

Kiss is back. And he's rippin. 

The Last Kiss might be the best Jadakiss album to date. And I'm willing to bet that it was because he had like five years to make but fuuuuuug it. The joint is hot and one of the best things is that it's not even like a hardcore Rocafella album. He has guest appearances from OJ Da Juiceman, Wayne, Jeezy and of course Styles and Sheek. The one knock that I might have is that there might be too many guest appearances. [16 of the 18 tracks have guests, but whatever. The shit's hot.] It's the first real hip hop album I've bought since Kanye dropped Graduation. Even though it took me awhile to get past the second joint, Can't Stop Me, also the next single, the rest of the album is heat. Who's Real with OJ and Swizz Beatz is a soon-to-be club banger and the Letter to BIG joint is a good look too. The album dropped today so if you haven't copped it by the time you read this then you're already late. Peep my early favorite from the album. Oww.

Can't Stop Me feat. Ayanna Irish

Yurp. Muah (nh.)

UNC Won. Big Surprise.

Michigan State failed to shock the world last night and got mildly embarrassed by a much better North Carolina team 89-72. [It wasn't as close as the score makes it seem.] This really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone...except all of the Michigan State fans that appeared overnight. Again, I'll admit that their run was impressive, but there's not way that they really thought they were going to win last night. It seemed like they were out of the game right after the opening tip. Hansbrough = Yaye. Lawson = Beastly. Ellington = MAN. All three of them had big nights for the Heels, combining for 58 of the Tar Heels' points. Ty Lawson also set a Final Four record with 8 steals on the night. It was never really a game after went up 20 in the first half. Just peep the game flow chart:
The Tar Heels even set an NCAA Tournament record by scoring 55 points in the FIRST HALF, which game them another tournament record by having a 21-point lead at halftime. This marks yet ANOTHER example of a Big Ten team being dominated in a Championship game hahaha. You lose.
And yo, why was Magic Johnson at the game looking healthy as hell?? What AIDS??? Man, Family Guy was right, that nigga is down to one AID.

And for the record, I am neither a UNC fan nor hater. I was mad neutral with this game, but I think it's time to stop hating on Tyler Hansbrough. So he works his ass off, performs at a high level and he gets results. Four-time, First Team All-American, ACC/National Player of the Year, ACC All-Time Career Leading Scorer, and a 'ship. Why the hate?? You can hate the commentators for loving his dirty drawls, and his game might not transfer to the NBA. But that's not his fault.

I guess.

We Are The Champions [Rocafella Edition. Ow.]

[Note: As it turns out, my roommate's math was wrong and I didn't win my bracket after all. But the person who ended up winning didn't pay their money so I get my money back anyway. Haha Owwwwwwww.]