Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where Were We?? College Football Edition...

A lot has happened in College Football since Kanye's CD dropped. Let's catch up:

-LSU took another L....but at least we're not Auburn.
[Note: We did just win the 'ship last year, were we really supposed to win it again??]
-Alabama and Florida have set the stage for one of the most anticipated SEC Championships in a very long time. I'm looking forward to the Tide getting dismantled by Florida, with or without Percy Harvin.

-Texas got fucking screwed by the BCS and two teams that they beat head-to-head will be playing in the Big 12 Championship. I've been impressed with Oklahoma...but I think Texas should have gotten the nod. Either way, the team from the Big 12 South will beat Mizzou and THENNN get smacked by either Bama or Florida. So does it really matter??
-I know you saw that linebacker from BC jump over that running back from Maryland and then sack the quarterback right?? Peep the video. Beasty to say the least.

-UGA got pwnd by Tech. Definitely didn't see that one coming. The ground game for the Jackets in the second half was just unstoppable.

-Lane Kiffin got introduced at Tennessee...and they're already accusing him of cheating?!
[Note: And his deal is for 6 years and $14+ million. Damn.]

Bonus Coverage:
-Plaxico's dumb
-[NY's] Steve Smith got sonned.
-Andre Miller should never [ever] reach on D.Rose.

-and, Wes Welker, you just got JACKED UP!!

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