Friday, November 2, 2012

LSU vs. Bama 2012 - Part 2 [...Kind of]

I'm ready for this.

My parents are ready for this.

My Grandparents [really should get] ready for this.

The biggest game of the 2012 College Football season is about 30 hours away and I'm way too dialed in. My Tigers have the unique opportunity to get back in the National Championship hunt all while avenging last year's loss and inflicting pain on bitter rival Alabama. Whew. The last time I was this hype over a sporting event it was LSU vs. Bama 2012 Pt. 1. And unfortunately, we all know how that turned out.

Just in case any LSU fans [and you Alabama fans—I know you're out there] need an extra motivational boost, just check the video below. Man.

Tigers. Please don't kill my vibe.

1 comment:

Flent Coleman said...

Bama got that ass last nite Samp!!!! but LSU could won it tho.