Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Days

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Three. More. Days. I actually might make it to Saturday.

Actually, there's really only one day until football makes its triumphant return. College Football officially kicks off tomorrow night with UNC/South Carolina. I'll be shocked and personally disappointed if I miss a single snap. But, really, we all know it's about LSU/TCU on Saturday. I'm......literally at a loss for words. We'll call it "excited." I'm going to a friend's crib tomorrow for the LSU pregame-game tomorrow (I'm betting on South Carolina, btw) but my mind will obviously be on the Tigers matchup against the Frogs. And TCU Coach Gary Patterson has definitely become increasingly douchebag-like over the past few weeks. Especially after taking shots at the throne. His punishment must be [and will be] more severe.

But back to tomorrow's game. My official prediction: USC over UNC 28 - 17. Jadeveon Clowney with 6 tackles (2.5 sacks) to lead the Gamecocks to victory. I hope he gets a legit shot at the Heisman this year. After all, he is a Freak.

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