Sunday, May 25, 2008

Damn Detroit!!

Man I've never been a Pistons fan [because I hate them] but ever since the Celtics beat the Cavs Lebron last round, I have been hoping they would get beat in the East. They won the first game against Detroit, but after Detroit beat them in game two in Boston, things were looking good for the Pistons.

Then what do they do??
Lose game three in Detroit!!

KG dropped 22, 13 and 6 and the Big Three for Boston had half of their team's 97 points.
I'm trying everything in my power to cheer for a team that I've hated my entire life, but they can't take advantage of stealing home court advantage.

Oh well, onto the Lakers.

Game three is tonight and I can realistically see the Lakers Kobe winning game three in San Antonio and really taking control over the series. That is, of course, because I also hate the Spurs. Look for the MVP to score 25+ in an 8 point Laker victory.

And then he'll jump over a school bus full of poisonous spiders. Yurp.

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