Thursday, May 22, 2008


I had a hell of a (sports) day yesterday.

First, the Mighty ManU defeats Chelsea to win the Champions League crown after extra time and penalty kicks. My man Cristiano Ronaldo almost went from being the hero to the clown after he scored ManU's only goal but missed his PK. Van der Sar came up big with the block on Nicolas Anelka to secure the win after he bated him into the shot. [video:

And don't even get me started on Drogba's dumb ass slapping Vidic and getting ejected from the biggest game of his life...oh well. ManU babyyy!!

Now on to my man Kobe...
First Half: 2 points off of three shots.
Second Half: 25 points off of 18 shots.

Ginobili held to 10 points. Oh well.
Timmy still kinda went off but the Lakers got the W in the end.
Still hate the Spurs...except Rob.

AND the Bulls got the first pick in the draft. Hell of a day.


Melati said...

You know my man Kobe held it down that night. By far the best game EVER. Told everyone that Kobe was gonna score big in the second half... Man I'm good... I know my man!!

*pbbt! said...

lol at drogba...tweaked hard on that one.

wtf at that missed PK by ronaldo tho...his life wouldve been over if van der sar hadnt blocked that shot

and i promise ill be a bulls fan again if they pick up derrick rose. if and only if. otherwise fuck em lol

asamp said...

Man people are forgetting that Drogba cost them a lot of momentum n shit.

But I don't like him, so its cool.

And I'm almost sure we're going with Rose man. Welcome back haha.