Monday, May 26, 2008

Lakers Lose to Spurs in Game 3

Man...The Lakers Kobe couldn't get it done tonight. The Spurs just had too much firepower. Ginobili came back hard with 30 and Timmy dropped 22 and had 21 rebounds. Kobe had 30 of his own but the Lakers still got pwnd 84-103. I wish we could have gotten that 3-0 lead but we'll bounce back in game 4.
[Note: We definitely could have used Jack in San Antonio.]


Melati said...

I seriously think it's the NBA Mafia doing this. The Lakers didn't even look like they're trying hard. They didn't act like the Lakers I know. They played like a bunch of highschool players.

Just like the Boston Celtics tonight. Mannn... Can we say KG was NOT even being himself?? I mean.. Cmon the nicca is 7 ft tall why would he hesitate to break the Pistons Defense like he always does and do throw back board shots???

C'mon now. It's all clear to me that the NBA Mafia had EVERYTHING to do with this.

Until next time

Melati -

Melati said...

Samp?... Two words: NBA Mafia. That's all I gotta say. Do you seriously think the Lakers would play the way they did? They gave San Antonio that game!! Duncan was trying to pull a Kobe move by 'trying' to score big in the second half. Even tho Ginobili got his game back on track, but still. The Lakers were definitely not themselves last night. My brother's highschool basketball team play better than that!! Real talk!

Just like tonight's game with Celtics Vs. Pistons. I mean... COME ON!!! That's not how they play!! I mean.. KG.. That nicca is 7 ft tall. Now why would he hesitate to break the Pistons Defense and shoot back board shots like he usually does with any other team? Did you see the Celtics defense tonight??? Oh COME ON...

So I'm stickin on blaming the NBA Mafia for this.

Until the next blog,

Melati -