Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big Weeks Ahead. Oh, and basketball too...

This year in college football has been just as up-and-down as it has in the recent past. The #1 spot, which has not been the place to be, has been pretty good to Alabama as they've been able to hold onto it for the past few weeks. Texas Tech was able to shit on beat Oklahoma State 56-20 to stay at #2 and Texas beat Baylor to remain at #3. No real surprises here. But, the next few weeks are going to be huge for these three. Bama should coast against Mississippi State but their rivalry game against Auburn is always a big game. And not to mention these statements said by Auburn's Brad Lester. Never a good idea, yo. Especially when your team sucks. [Right Mauri??] If Bama can win these two and take down Florida in the SEC Championships, they should be more than capable of not only going to the National Championship, but they should considered the favorite. [Note: I could even go as far to call Bama/Florida the real National Championship.] Texas Tech's biggest test will be this weekend against #5 Oklahoma. The Sooners have a lot to prove after losing to a then-#5 Texas in the middle of the season. Graham Harrell's Heisman, along with a shot the National Championship, lie in Saturday's game in Norman - the biggest game in Tech history. And now, on to Texas. Despite having the distraction of a racist teammate, the Longhorns might have the easiest remaining schedule to get to the Championship. Baylor, an overrated Kansas team and Texas A&M are all that remain between Texas and the Big 12 Championship. Since the winner of that game will be Texas, Oklahoma or Texas Tech, they should be the other team in the National Championship.

With that being said, I'm going with the SEC team. Even though it burns my football soul, I'm going to go with Bama or Florida in the Championship, especially since it will be most likely be against a Big 12 team. SEC pwns.


And with that being said...NCAA basketball has begun!! ...and UNC is preseason #1. While that might seem like a good thing, the preseason #1 has gone on to win the NCAA Championship only 2 of the last ten years. 20%?? Can the Tar Heels beat history?? We'll see. The USA Today Top 10 as it is now:
1. North Carolina
2. UConn
3. Louisville
5. Duke
6. Pittsburgh
7. Michigan State
8. Texas
9. Notre Dame
10. Purdue

Should be a great year of College Hoops.


We'll see...

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