Monday, November 3, 2008

Down. Goes. Georgia....and Dallas. Again.

I've been waiting since the UGA/Bama game to say that again, but thanks to Georgia, I can say it again. Georgia got fucking owned by Florida on Saturday in Jacksonville, 49-10. Thirty. Nine. Points. Damn. Oh well, no championship for you.
LSU took care of business against Tulane and has a HUGE chance to upset Bama this weekend as the Tide are #1 in the nation for the first time in school history. I really think that we have enough athletes, defense and enough hatred for Nick Saban to pull out the upset. Nothing would make me happier than to spoil the season for Bama.

All football fans from Texas should KILL THEMSELVES. Not necessarily because of of the Longhorns, who fell short but put up a good fight in one of the best college football games of the year. They managed to come back on Texas Tech and only left them 8 seconds to retaliate. They only needed seven. Not to mention that Michael Crabtree is a MONSTER and the best receiver in college football. Man, getting pushed out of National Championship contention sure can make you concerneddddd. But what can you do when Graham Harrell goes 36 for 53, 474 yards and 2 touchdowns?? lose, that's what you do.

[Note: And the Texas Tech student section dressing like the Joker was tight as shit.]

But back to Texas football fans committing mass suicide...the Cowboys lose again?!? Now, I've never been the biggest Cowboy's hater but uh, Super Bowl champs?? Not when your record is looking very Ravens-like...

Oh well, Rex Grossman is BACK!! ...but not like he never left.

Sorry Dallas fans. Don't mean to hurt you but....U MAD.

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