Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Could Only Happen to ME...

So, I decided [after weeks and weeks of binge drinking on a daily basis] to give up beer for a month. I know, it's only beer and yeah, it's only a month. Should be no problem right?? Wrong. I started this little experiment this past Sunday [August 23] so I'm pretty much just getting started. But check THIS shit out: On Monday night [August 24] I went to my usual Monday night spot with @Pbbt and we just finished our food and got our checks. I signed mine and gave it to the waitress when I got tapped on the shoulder by this random dude [nh]. I wondered what he could possibly want and when I turned around he said, "Hey man, my friends and I bought too many beers and we're about to leave so if you guys want these, you can have em." I couldn't believe it. I give up beer for ONE DAY and people are already offering me FREE BEER. Wheredeydodatat?????? I was able to reluctantly decline these but if people are giving beer AWAY, then it might be hard to make it 30 days. Smh.

Why u wanna give away free beer mangggg?????

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Mose James said...

That reminds of the time I foolishly turned my back on liquor as a sophomore in college. I took a trip up to Athens for a concert at UGA. When we got to the after party it was 25cent drinks night... ALL NIGHT, ALL DRINKS..... wheredeyfuckdeydodatat???