Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally. Florida vs. Bama

So yeah, I can't be the only person treating this game like the true National Championship. The SEC Championship is being played today at here in Atlanta with #1 Florida playing #2 Alabama. It's pretty hard to predict this one, but I'm going with Florida. Even without dumb ass Carlos Dunlap I think that Florida's D will be too much. McElroy hasn't really been tested on a stage like this, while Tebow has done this pretty much every year he's played. Mark Ingram's health could be an issue for Bama even though reports say he's going to play. Plus, Trent Richardson's not a bum either. I also feel like the matchup between Julio Jones and Joe Haden will be big also. But like I said, Saban and all, the Tide just won't have enough to beat Florida.

Sorry Bama fans.

But hey, at least you can sit back and imagine this actually happened...

That would have been nasty.


rakeback said...

With Mark Ingram's 3 touchdown performance and Alabama's convincing victory over Florida, the Heisman will go to Clayton or McCoy.

asamp said...

I really think that Ingram's performance was enough to get him the Heisman. He BALLED today and McCoy struggled. For REAL. Suh's arguably the best player in the country though.