Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Dumb Athlete of the Week Award Goes To...

Carlos Dunlap.

Yes, you, Carlos Dunlap.

You have been awarded the first ever Dumb Athlete of the Week Award for receiving a DUI this morning after being found passed out at a stoplight at the wheel of your Chrysler. Not only were you arrested... but FOUR DAYS before the National SEC Championship?? #comeonson And Carlos, we all know you're not a bum on the field. I mean, you were the Defensive MVP of the National Championship last year! Yikes. The University of Florida hasn't said whether or not you'll be suspended for the game, but it's pretty likely. Not only that, but it also shows poor judgement in the eyes of NFL scouts. You can't be serious, man. I have nothing else to say.

Mr. Dunlap, you, are the Dumb Athlete of the Week.

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