Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Kevin Garnett Situation....Or Lack Thereof.

By now we've all heard Charlie Villanueva's accusations that Kevin Garnett called him a "cancer patient" during a recent Celtics/Pistons game. First off, I don't condone any statements that are insensitive to the struggle that people with cancer go through. I have family members that have struggled with the disease and it's nothing to take lightly. Secondly, Garnett did release a statement saying that his words were twisted and he actually said Villanueva was "cancerous to his team and the league."

Now something just ain't right. I played sports growing up, I've been in the heat of battle and I've even said/done things during the moment but I refuse to believe that KG used the choice of words contained in his statement. Like seriously, it's just not something you would say going up for a rebound. But at the same time, Charlie....COME ON SON. You broke both Man Code and Athlete Code by publicly commenting about something that was or wasn't said during battle. If Garnett did call him a cancer patient, he was undoubtedly wrong, especially with Villanueva's condition but that's something you should really handle with him one-on-one.
This should not have been national news. Period. KG's still my man and we'll probably never know what was/wasn't said.

Sorry for the rant.
But not really.

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