Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out To-Melo...

"Now we're respectable. Now we're a contender."

I mean, that's real. These words were from life-long Knicks fan Stephen Burnett before Carmelo Anthony's Knick debut last night. I have to admit that it's kind of weird seeing Melo in blue & orange, but I ultimately think he made the right move. Denver wasn't going to get it done and Melo really wanted to play in New York/New Jersey. The stat line was pretty good for Melo: 27 & 10.
Highlights, you say...??


With Carmelo and now Deron Williams heading to this side of the country, the NBA is definitely East-heavy. And I couldn't be happier.

The only person that shouldn't be happy about this is Kenny "Sky" Walker. His #7 Knicks jersey is now quite irrelevant.
Ah well.

Bulls Front Office....let's make a move. Please??

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