Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Odd Trio: The Odd Future Sessions

This is insanely ill.

A trio of very talented musicians from Bad Bad Not Good has put together a collection of smooth jazz instrumentals of some Odd Future favorites. [Please excuse the use of the term "smooth jazz."] The thing is....the music is actually really good. I mean, I can enjoy the fact that it's Odd Future and also quite jazzy but I also think that my parents and co-workers would enjoy this too. I'm looking forward to what these guys put out next. Check out the first two editions with download links after the jump. I'm starting with Vol. 2 because I like it more. Sue me.

Vol. 2 - Untitled 63, Nightmare & Yonkers
Download: Vol. 2

Vol. 1 - Bastard, Orange Juice [Lemonade] & AssMilk
Download: Vol. 1

This is art.
Beautiful art.
What's next? An Odd Future x Odd Trio MTV Unplugged??
I guess we'll see.

Oh, and Nightmare was my hands-down favorite.

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