Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inside Mark Jackson’s Job Interview

This is why Trey Kerby is the funniest NBA writer alive. I saw this last night on The Basketball Jones and it was far too funny not to share. We all know that Mark Jackson has recently been hired as the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. We also know that he has a number of sayings, some funny and some....not so funny. [Ex. "Are You Kidding Me?", "You're Better Than That.", "Mama there goes that man!", "Hand Down, Man Down."] Well, Trey basically wrote the play-by-play of how he imagined Mark Jackson's interview went. It's beyond perfect.

Joe Lacob, Warriors owner: Hi, Mark. We’re really glad you’re able to meet with us today.

Mark Jackson: Are you kidding me?

Jerry West, consultant: OK, so let’s get in to some Xs and Os. We’re kind of notorious for our poor defense. How would you change that?

MJ: Hand down, man down.

JL: Excuse me?

MJ: Hand down, man down.

JL: So … you’d tell the team to keep their hands down?

MJ: You’re better than that.

JW: You’d tell them to keep them up?

MJ: Mama, there goes that man. (points at West and winks)

JW: What?

MJ: Are you kidding me?

JW: No, I’m serious. What about my mama? (raises fist)

MJ: Calm down, palm down...

You can read this web gem in its entirety at

I would highly recommend it.

Oh yea, and this. [Thanks @fivefifths.]

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