Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trillectro Is Coming.

What is Trillectro?

By now, you should definitely know but just in case you don't, I'll let Modi, Quinn and Marcel tell you:

"the first music festival in the district of its kind, trillectro is our way of bridging the gap between hip-hop and electronic music. on august 11, 2012, trillectro will unite music enthusiasts at DC's brand new HALF STREET FAIRGROUNDS (outside nationals park! GO NATS!) for an unforgettable day of incredible performances from some of the best emerging local and national artists.

modeled after brooklyn's dekalb market, this unique and spacious venue reuses salvaged shipping containers to surround a main stage, bar areas, tents and gaming space for a dynamic retail and entertainment experience. trillectro will be the first event of this size and nature to take place at the HALF STREET FAIRGROUNDS."

Here's a fly-through look at the venue: Half Street Fairgrounds

With all that being said, take that trip down/over/up to DC this weekend and make this happen.

[Note: And tickets are HALF OFF on LivingSocial. Excuses are becoming minimal.]

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