Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NBA News....damn man.

Aight, so a lot has happened in the NBA lately. Some old, some new. Let's recap.

-B.Diddy decided to leave the Fun to Watch doomed Warriors for the horrible sorry, Elton Brand-less Clippers. Damn dogg. You're supposed to be leaving the bad team man...but they did get my man Ricky Davis too...time to go jersey shopping??

-Former LSU stand-out, Anthony Randolph is killin the Summer League. Son is 19 and underweight as shit, but he's workin it out there. Best of luck to all ex-LSU athletes... [Note: What up Putt?!]

-The possible names for the team in Oklahoma City were announced...and they're terrible. Barons, Thunderbirds, Outlaws or Thunder. It's looking like it's gonna be the Oklahoma City Thunder...whomp whomp. On to more important things...

-Ron Artest makes a move to...the Rockets?? Aight, Chris...T-Mac has been cursed unable to make it past the first round of the playoffs every time he's tried. Will the addition of Artest be enough to change this trend?? I don't care think so, but we'll see.

-Luol Deng finally gets a new deal. I'm glad the Bulls were able to lock my man Deng down for six more years. I think he'll be one of the top 3 small forwards in the league within the next two years. Now let's try to make Ben Gordon happy...
[Note: The Bulls also cut JamesOn Curry....damn.]

-Three of the new jerseys for the 2008-2009 season leaked today as well. The Minnesota Timberwolves new joint, modeled by a gay confused-looking Kevin Love is the worst of the bunch. It looks like a cross between Granger Middle School and the Minnesota Lynx. Why can't FreshJive or 10Deep design NBA jerseys instead of adidas?? I actually like the Kings' new one but the Magic jersey looks like a failed attempt at this. Wtf??

-Today in "Who Cares" News...Kwame Brown is now a Detroit Piston. Do you care?? I didn't think so...

-Also, one of the girls from my high school is now a New Orleans Honeybee...congrats Angele!! [Note: She's fine too.] Yurp.

Oh yeah...and the Bulls still got D.Rose....ballin.

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