Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally...The National Championship

It really didn't take me too long to make my pick for the game. I'm going with Florida for a number of reasons:

  • First off, Tim Tebow.

Love him, hate him, but you have to respect him. I was one of the people clowning him for that rant after the Ole Miss loss but he delivered on his vow to be the hardest working player on the hardest working team in the country.

  • The addition of Percy Harvin and the loss of DeMarco Murry

Percy Harvin is possibly the most dangerous offensive threat in college football and even though Florida was able to beat Florida without him, it can't hurt to have him. Now that he's 95% healthy, I'm sure that an overrated Oklahoma defense will have trouble keeping tabs on him. As far as Murry, Oklahoma has a stable of quality running backs that they could plug in his place. It's going to be on kickoff returns, where he is averaging 28 yards per return, where the Sooners will suffer.

  • SEC Loyalty

I'm a huge LSU fan so even rooting for Florida feels pretty weird, but it's the right thing to do. Outside of just being loyal to the conference, having a rough and challenging schedule really prepares you for games like the National Championship. Not saying the Big 12 is weak (it's not the Big 10!) but top to bottom, the SEC does well in games of this magnitude. An SEC team has won four of the last ten BCS National Championships and this game will be the fifth.

  • And finally, this Guy

I didn't want to say his name, but Oklahoma defensive back Dominique Franks is dumb as shit. When reporters asked where Tebow would rank as a quarterback in the Big 12, he said fourth. Behind Bradford, Colt McCoy and Graham Harrell. He also said Tebow was ugly and he can't read good. Nah, he didn't but that was dumb as hell. Nobody even knows who the fuck Dominique Franks is! It's never a good idea to wake a sleeping giant. And like Skip said, I can't wait until Tebow hits the corner and Dominique Franks gets JACKED UP!! by Tebow. Oh boy.

[Note: For the record, I do not agree with mohawks. Except on this guy]

Sorry Oklahoma.
You lose.

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