Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wtf Kanye...?? Pt. 2

So less than a week since I posted this about Kanye for a huge mohawk/fro/mullet infraction, he's done something else. This time it might actually be worse. A picture has surfaced with Kanye and some of his "friends" in what might be seen as fucking questionable clothing. I think that I have some grasp of fashion, but this is EXTREME. I don't really know what's getting into Kanye as of late, but I hope I don't have to excommunicate him like I'm about to do Lil Wayne. [Note: Wayne's about two weeks away from a tongue ring. Nasty.] Anyway, I hope Kanye stops wylin in time to release Good Ass Job before graduation.

Just like last time, when I saw this I said:

Wtf Kanye...??

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the truth said...

i don't think this one is as bad as the 1st one you posted. at least he's not rocking the stretchy leopard pants...