Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got Damn, Jodie Meeks

Big game jitters?? Hell naw. This fool Jodie Meeks from Kentucky's basketball team fucking BALLED last night against school rival Tennessee. Now when I say he balled, he BALLED. With his previous high being 46 that he scored against Appalachain State he went off for a school-record 54 points, breaking Dan Issel's 39-year-old record. And this wasn't off of dunks and put-backs. This was off five jumpers, 11 threes and 14/14 freethrows. Didn't I say he BALLED??! He probably won't win, but I'm sure this puts him in the conversation for National Player of the Year. Yes, I said it.

Check the facts:

  • No player has scored 54 in regulation in the last decade,
  • No player from a BCS school has scored this many points since Eddie House put up 61 in 2000. (But that was in OT.)
  • This was a college game which is shorter than an NBA game with a longer shot clock which leads to less possessions for each team. Once again, he BALLED.
[Note: Is anybody else wondering about what Lebron's 1.18.09 announcement will be?? I just hope it's not rapping. We've all seen how that can turn out...it's not pretty.]

My God.
Don't let me be right, Lebron.

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