Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Wasn't Gonna Do It....But I Did.

Sad, sad music for a sad, sad finish for the Tide.

Sike nah, go Utes and fuck forget Bama. This beating that the Utes put on Bama came out of nowhere and the fact that Utah's undefeated season means nothing is another example of why we need a playoff system. Wayne even said it on First Take today. I'm not gonna front like I predicted Bama getting upset but that's even more reason for a playoff. Damn.

And I was gonna leave it at the Sugar Bowl but I would be remiss if I didn't say ANYthing about last night's Fiesta Bowl with Texas and CHOKE-hio State.

These guys can't catch a break. I did think it was classy that the Sweater Vest let Todd Boeckman get some burn in his last game, especially when he threw T.Pryor that almost game-winning TD. Doesn't really matter though. Ohio State once again cries the tears of unfathomable sadness.
Because they lost.

[Note: Did anyone else catch the hair on that Texas player on the sideline right after the game-winning drive?? His mullet single-handedly won Texas the game.]

[Note Pt. 2: Anybody catch that "tears of unfahomable sadness" reference?? Didn't think so.]


cessyaaaa, caroline said...

morning ..nice article..permit to second read your blog..

Anonymous said...

damn Ohio is trash lol