Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tyler, the Creator x BADBADNOTGOOD - Fish [Video + MP3]

So first off, this is about two weeks late. Between work and being sick, mad stuff has happened since I last posted:
  • LSU vs. Alabama has blown into the forefront,
  • Coldplay released a new album, entitled Mylo Xyloto, and
  • Tyler, the Creator finally got to perform with BADBADNOTGOOD
This is good, real good, Florida Evans.

This is the same BADBADNOTGOOD [aka Odd Trio that performed jazz renditions of some of our favorite Odd Future joints a few months back. From the video and tweets, this was Tyler's first time being involved in a trill ass jam session.
Check the video:

I would kill for an unplugged album of this.

And durred you to say something about it.

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