Monday, March 4, 2013

Chris Rock & Tim Meadows [G-Spot] - Suck Your Big Fat Toe [1993]

 photo a89a40b3-9bfa-49e8-84dc-f6192d11aea3_zps615b173a.jpg
Yeah, I wish I had a real reason that I'm posting this, but I don't. And even though I couldn't think of anything, it's definitely worth a look. Besides being a classic Chris Rock skit from SNL, it's hard to believe that this originally aired almost TWENTY years ago. Makes you feel pretty old. You can tell this is from way back because Chris Rock is still crackhead skinny. Come to think about it, I even had the .mp3 of this song on a few mix CDs back in high school. Yea...I can't really explain that one either. Enjoy.

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