Friday, March 1, 2013

Joey Bada$$ [as JayOhVee] - 20 Miles [MP3]

 photo 74b210ae-3a2b-4f7f-a0eb-315d69cb7030_zps87a53663.jpg
More music, I'm hype. This is a flashback to one of Joey Bada$$' older tracks when he still went by the name JayOhVee. Joey recorded 20 Miles when he was just 16 years old [I mean, he's only like 18 now. Man, when I was 18, I was still working at Foot Locker trying to get free refills from the girl at Sbarro. Sorry. Rambling.]. Oh yeah, more about the song!—he also spit over the timeless Mos Def classic Umi Says. Pretty dope, check it out.

And good looks to Potholes in My Blog [dope site, btw] for being the first site that I saw with this.

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