Thursday, March 28, 2013

J.R. Smith [Parody] - So Right [Video]

 photo e2fa709d-a810-4fe5-94d2-6c48f8140509_zps18360288.jpg
OK, so I realize it's March 27th and we're literally in the heart of March Madness. All energy and focus should be on the Sweet 16. I get this. But every once in awhile we come across something so majestic, so glorious—if you will—that it just can't wait. This video definitely qualifies. Now, I don't know who to thank [or more appropriately, blame] for this song and video inspired by J.R. Smith, everyone's favorite sharpshooting black hole/booty twitpic'er, but seriously, Thank You. Special shout out to the internet. And upon further review, I'm not 100% convinced that this wasn't made by J.R. Smith himself. Behold:

So, again, I'm not sure who deserves the praise for this amazing song/video but there is one thing we all can be confident of: J.R. Smith's Gonna J.R. Smith.

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