Monday, October 13, 2008

Bears...You Let Me Down Too...

Down by 9 with four minutes to go.
Kick a field goal to reduce the deficit to 6.
Score a 17-yard touchdown to go up 1 with 11 seconds left.

11 seconds left.

Then in that little time, you allow a kickoff return to happen, a 24-yard pass to be completed and a 48-yard kick (to win the game) go thru. 

Are you serious??

Bears, you let me down too.

The fucking worst weekend in football I've had in years. I lose.

At least Orton's playing well. Vikings next week...damn.

Oh well, look at the bright side, at least the Cowboys lost. Oh, and Romo's out. So I guess Cowboy stans lose too.

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longhorn4ever said...

what are u doing pulling for the bears anyway...u live in atl now. it's only a matter of time before the falcons recover from the meltdown they experienced last year