Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biggest Games of the Year

LSU/UGA. Penn State/Ohio State. Oklahoma State/Texas.

All huge games this weekend.
LSU and UGA are fighting for their National Championship lives as the loser of the game is probably out of the hunt for good. It's not likely that either team would recover from a second loss at this point. The game should be close but LSU's defense, that did not show up against Florida, WILL show up at home against Georgia. Knowshon about to get Know yards on Saturday. That was a good one, huh?? Plus, scheduling LSU in Death Valley at night is pretty much asking for an L. The Tigers have a .773 win percentage at home which is pretty fucking good
I have Alabama on Upset Alert against TENNESSEE. Normally, I hate Tennessee but anybody is better than Bama. Anyone.

As for the Big 10 showdown, I'm going with Ohio State even though it will be a close one. I also have Texas over Oklahoma State in a high scoring contest.

And my last pick of the day is Morehouse over Albany State??? Damn. Why schedule Albany State for homecoming?? Oh well. Go Tigers.

[Note: LOL at Kirk Herbstreit's son crying when Lee Corso pulled him on tv hahaha]

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