Monday, October 6, 2008

This Weekend in Sports...Orton = MVP...for the day.

First off...Kyle Orton for MVP. Aight, that's a stretch, but he balled yesterday. Career-highs in passing yards (334), completions (34), completion percentage (70.6) and QB rating (121.4). Damn. The 34-7 road win was, by far, the best game of his career but it was against....the Lions. Hey, a fucking win's a win. [Note: Did you SEE Marty Booker's lefty one-handed catch?? Peep It. Definitely one of the best catches of the year.] Other shocking games include Atlanta beating Green Bay @ Lambeau, the Dolphins embarrassing the Bolts at home and Washington knocking off Philly in Philly. But the biggest surprise of the weekend was Tennessee improving to 5-0. It was against the Ravens, and it was without Vince Young. Who saw that coming at the beginning of the season?? [Not you.]

On to college...Oklahoma pwnd murdered Baylor to stay at number 1, Bama squeaked by Kentucky, Mizzou smacked Nebraska, blah blah blah. Not that many upsets this week. The first thing that caught my eye was Vandy over Auburn. Now, I hate Auburn as much as the next guy, but I definitely thought they were going to beat Vanderbilt. But hey, if they knew who was going to win then they wouldn't play the game. [Right, Austin??] And what about them Illini boys owning Michigan at the big House. [Burns don't it??] Oh, and North Carolina beat football.

In ALDS news...the White Sox fought to win their first game of the series against the Devil Rays to stay alive. Well damn. Next game is tonight at 5 in Chicago. Let's go Sox.

In other news, Candice Parker won Rookie of the Year and the same year. Damn.
And the Detroit Shock swept the San Antonio Silver Stars in the WNBA Finals and was the first team in history to do so.
And nobody knew about it...

...or cared.

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