Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music of the Moment - October 15, 2008

Chad Hugo doesn't always get all of his credit as the mastermind behind the Neptunes production duo. I first realized that he just might be the brains behind the operation when I heard Kenna's two albums in which the majority of both albums was produced exclusively by Hugo. The same goes for this remix to a My Party from one of my favorite bands, Kings of Leon [With the help of Kenna on the beat.] Chad pretty much proved that a remix doesn't need guest appearances or a more intricate beat to be hot by leaving the vocals alone and stripping the original beat while adding the Neptunes feel to it. The unusual mix of KOL and Chad Hugo is fucking amazing. Check the joint out.

And also, check out one of my favorite Chad Hugo-produced joints from Kenna, Freetime.

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