Saturday, October 11, 2008

Daily Annoyances - October 11, 2008

Annoyance: Bad drivers that insist on talking on the phone while they drive.

This has been a longtime pet peeve of mine but today it got worse. This dumb ass dude was in front of me driving from lane to lane, almost hit a CHILD then slammed on the brakes at a yellow light. It took everything in me [no homo/thatswhatshesaid] not to get out of the car and MURDER him. And that was before I even realized he was on the phone. I don't really have a problem with bad drivers, but when you're bad because you're on the should be legal for me to kill you.

And to add to that, he was on a big giant ass bluetooth. Bluetooths are about as cool as Karl Kani jeans. No more, please.

Talk to em, Prince.

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