Monday, March 2, 2009

Music of the Moment - March 2, 2009

I'm not gonna lie... I was almost wrong about Drake. Notice I said almost. I heard he was rollin with Lil Wayne and my first thoughts were along the lines of: "The dude from Degrassi is rappin now?! wtf." and "Wayne's found another way to kill hip hop." But I couldn't have been more wrong. Drake's actually not half bad, and I might even stop hating on Lil Wayne. Notice I said I might. But Wayne is going with a vengeance on this joint. Every joint he touches as a matter of fact. But back to Drake, son actually has some lyrics. Who would have thought?? I put the mixtape in and was like:

But that was just off the first song. The joint that I'm really feeling is a song over Kanye's Say You Will and it's called Say What's Real. Check the joint right here:
You can download the entire So Far Gone mixtape here. Ow.

That nigga Jimmy Brooks... I mean Aubrey Graham.

[Note: I totally forgot that I was originally going to post the Kanye/T.Pain joint Flight School as today's MotM but I put up the Drake joint on accident. Oh well, here's Flight School.]

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Captin Planit said...

Drake is gonna vanish in less than a year. If he wants to leave a mark, he needs to not emulate Wayne so desperately. Right now, he sounds like a derivative of a blog rapper. Dude talks about tour buses and the good life of a music star, and all he's given the world is a mixtape. Give me a fuckin' break.