Monday, March 30, 2009

You Know What?? Scratch That. The Bracket Lives. Oww./Burbage Must Pay.

So apparently my bracket isn't exactly T'd. Once my champion, Pitt, let me down against Villanova, I was thinking that I needed Louisville to win the Tournament. But THEN, Michigan State knocked them out. After this, I just assumed that I was out of the money and I went straight into anti-UNC mode. But then my roommate let me know that I was still on track to win the joint. What happened was that during the first few rounds of the Tourney I was able to gain enough points that even now that I only have two of my Final 4 teams remaining, and no more points coming in, I'm still gonna win the bracket. So Burbage, yeah YOU Burbage, you know what that means....GIMME THE LOOT, GIMME THE LOOT!!

Also, two other College Basketball stories that caught my attention:
  • Alabama hired former Virginia Commonwealth coach, Anthony Grant, to be their new head basketball coach. He is the first African-American to coach basketball at the University of Alabama. And not only that, he's a really good coach. LSU and Bama both have black head coaches. Why did it take so long?? Georgia might be next...
  • UGA's Athletic Director has expressed interest in having Missouri's current head coach, Mike Anderson hold the same position. They haven't officially offered him the job, but it is reported to be at about 2 mil a year if he signs. Owww.
  • John Calipari, is a contract-signing away from becoming the head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky. The coach had a meeting with his players earlier this week in which he called Kentucky the "Notre Dame of College Basketball" and as a result, it's looking like he'll be accepting an 8-year, $35 million. Thirty-Five MILLION. He will become the highest paid coach in college basketball if he accepts. I assume he's going to accept.

[Note: And since Burbage is STILL talking about his Tar Heels and STILL annoying me by every thing he does/says, I thought I'd post one of his Spring Break 09 photos. Hope he doesn't mind.]

Yo Burbage...


Anonymous said...

fucking owned.

Jinx said...

It's over for that nigga.