Wednesday, March 17, 2010

awr's March Madness Breakdown: West


Aight, I gotta make this quick. It's St. Patrick's Day and I have yet to have a drink. These last two breakdowns are gonna be more like lists:
  • West Region Finalist: [Secret Team] All I can say is that it's not Syracuse only due to the injury to Onuaku.
  • Upset: UTEP over Butler. I've seen UTEP play a few times and Derrick Caracter is a monster. He really should still be at Louisville still because with him, they'd have the ship on lock this year.
  • Team to Watch: UTEP. If they can get past Butler, I think they can really give Vandy a run for their money. Then in a matchup against Syracuse, they'd be the underdog by a mile. With nothing to lose, UTEP could be dangerous.
Aight, one region left: The South

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