Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Reasons I Can't Listen to the Album Version of Heartless

I was riding to 808's & Heartbreak yesterday and I got to Heartless but I couldn't even listen to it all the way through without thinking of these two versions. The first is a drum cover but the kid is niiiiiice. Never really heard a drummer cover a song so well since Travis Barker did it...twice. I mean three times. But remember, this time it's a KID. Just to see how nice his is, check out his Viva La Vida cover he did. Dope. The second version was by the band The Fray. They did an acoustic cover while on BBC's Live Lounge Radio 1 show. Also quite dope. I pretty much listened to both of these versions all summer last year but I felt like bringing em back. Check em out.

Kanye West x Andreas Koliakoudakis - Heartless Drum Cover

The Fray - Heartless Cover

Damn, I love covers.

Good Ass Job, anyone????

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Olumide said...

all i can say is wow, straight unjealous no ice, Kanye should do a new verse to the song with the Fray