Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't Forget About Lupe's Mixtape Game: Hater Hop & Pens & the Needles

Don't get it twisted. Lupe's mixtape game during the mid-2000's could rival anyone's...yes, anyone's. I was listening to Farenheit 1/15 last night and I found myself excited for Lasers. Even though my favorite joint from this mixtape was Pen & the Needles, I had to throw Hater Hop on here too. I need this fucking album.
Hater Hop

Pen & the Needles

We want Lasers.

Like now.

But until then, might as well listen to some classics:
Touch the Sky - 2006
Farenheit 1/15 - 2006
Revenge of the Nerds - 2006
A Rhyming Ape - 2006
Enemy of the State [A Love Story] - 2009

If you can listen to all of these and not get hype for the album...well, I have no words for you.

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