Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It Ain't Safe in the City...


...you know the rest. [Or at least you should by now.]


The internet is going went completely insane as a result of the digital release of Watch the Throne yesterday and although I'm waiting for it to be released in stores before listening, I completely understand why. Basically throughout the entire process of this album, from rumor to speculation to doubts to anticipation to delays to tour dates to an actual release, I guess some of us never really thought about how dope it would be for two of our favorite musicians to work together like this—until yesterday.

And thanks to my older brother—who's the f'ing man—I finally got my tickets for the DC show. [Love you, bro!]

What a sick ass day.

By the way, the artwork looks absolutely incredible and you can download the digital copy of WTT here.

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