Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OnCue - Feel Tall [Video]

I can't front, after 10+ years of listening to Eminem, the whole Asher Roth experiment of 2009 and semi-drunken freestyles with my man Johnny C., there's not much room on my musical plate for another white rapper.

I'm kidding....but I'm only kinda kidding. Then outta nowhere comes this kid OnCue out of Connecticut. At first glance, he's nothing different: Supreme snap back, frat boy look. Basically the same thing we've seen the last few years. But after stumbling across his video for Feel Tall this weekend, I was immediately hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I even risked the inevitable short jokes from my friends due to the song title. Check out the video and the download link underneath.

OnCue - Feel Tall [Produced by CJ Luzi]

I mean, he's no savior to hip-hop but this is a pretty dope song. If we let Drake get away with singing on all his hooks, we might as well let this kid.

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