Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Epic Meal Time: West Coast Burger Pile x Double Barrell 12 Gauge Hot Dog

The guys from Epic Meal Time are back again to show us exactly how we'd eat....if we were gods. First up, the West Coast Burger Pile. It looks like the things that dreams are made of. I'm pretty sure my man Wimpy would have a coronary.

"Jesus Christ, there's so many GD burgers."

Next up, the 12 Gauge Hot Dog. There's just something about 50 cent hot dogs, bacon and Jack Daniels that makes this irresistible.
"Ketchup...not that special. Oh wait, there's Jack? It's fuckin special now, player."

These guys really should release a cookbook. These meals always look amazing.

But maybe the half naked girl laying down bacon strips had something to do with that.

Did I mention that there's bacon????

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