Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music of the Moment - February 22, 2009

Been mad busy with Marketing Symposium/Volunteer stuff, but everything's been going well. James Andrews [Beast.] and Steve Stoute [Beast.] were the keynotes and they killed it today. And don't forget about Morehouse Grad Coltrane Curtis. [Also a fucking Beast.] Symposium was a major success because of the hard work from the e-board and all of the individuals and companies that came out.

Now onto the music. Most people know that Steve Stoute spent time as Nas' off-and-on manager during the 90's but what most people don't know is that James Andrews also had a hand in cultivating Nas' career in its early stages while he was working with Columbia. It goes to prove something that I've been seeing a lot since I've started looking for post-grad work: The marketing world is SMALL. So I figured with the connection with Nas that these two have, I would make today's MotM be a Nas joint. Not necessarily a classic, but one of my favorites. Ow.

Man, I might as well throw a classic in there.


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